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  1. It wouldn't be THAT bad to slap on another hour or so.. We're already at about 30 minutes offline. And let's not forget personally bought boosters which are also ticking down as we type these lines here.
  2. Could someone please post a pic of the Medi-Pet Kit mod?
  3. What is Medi-Pet Kit supposed to be? Apparently it's not in the game.
  4. "Get 20 kills with your Pistol" Really?? Come on!
  5. If vacuum on pets would make sentinels obsolete, then they should make sentinels more interesting to compensate. Every pet and sentinel should be useful in certain scenarios. It should not boil down to whether it has vacuum or not, which I believe is what made them introduce universal vacuum in the first place. Also, yes I can play without vacuum, bit I don't like it. Because the regular loot pickup range is like a meter or so and whenever I play without vacuum I keep looking on the minimap for pick ups and have to move around a lot more to actually find them, especially on more ve
  6. Picking up loot without some sort of extra retrieval functionality is so much of a hassle that pet companions are simply worse than sentinels now when it comes to overall QoL, so after making Vacuum a universal thing for sentinels it only seems reasonable to make Retrieve a universal thing for pets.
  7. Thank you for the fixes but missions still start instantly regardless of other players being available or not. This is very bad for missions that require instant action. PLEASE revert this to how it was before!
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