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  1. So I ran into this today when I had to pick the relic reward. I dashed through extraction in operator mode and landed into a reset zone. As you can see, I couldn't see or pick any rewards and it just gave me the default reward after the timer ran out. Typing /unstuck didn't help
  2. I'm still really curious to find out how DE is able to break stuff that has always worked for years without a glitch... is it a corporate spy trying to sabotage DE by inserting obvious bugs?
  3. Had to switch the controls again because I played Wisp today...
  4. Today I found out that this also has a bug. I was standing on extraction, the counter went to 0, the text for the counter faded and nothing happened this also happened later when another player joined on extraction. I was on extraction around the 5 minute mark, I was able to extract at the 13 minute mark this system has wasted 8 additional minutes of my time on a 5 minute run so 160% of the expected mission time was wasted
  5. it was an example, in the example that was the preferred situation well your preference is not mine, in a fast game I need to be able to instant cast, not having to wait an additional few ms before it casts because I have to hold the button, but to each his own also, Khora is not the only exception, Vauban and Ivara have been flipped since the introduction (for about 3-4 years now?)
  6. we have a few frames that have this "feature" (lets be honest, this could have just been done by adding another key, but probably because of X-Box and PS4 we are stuck with this solution on PC) but the way this works is inconsistent on frames Vauban, Ivara, Khora and Wisp (I might have forgotten a frame or two) have this, but it works differently for certain frames for a few frames the default is Tap to Use, Hold to Cycle and for a few others its the other way around, Tap to Cycle, Hold to Use so DE added an option to flip the way it works, but it will flip it for everyone, meaning it will still be inconsistent for half the frames example to visualize the problem: Tap to Use: T2U Tap to Cycle: T2C Hold to Use: H2U Hold to Cycle: H2C in this example, this is the default situation: Ivara: T2C H2U Khora: T2U H2C this is the preferred situation: Ivara: T2U H2C Khora: T2U H2C but if I use the flip option this happens: Ivara: T2U H2C Khora: T2C H2U defaults for all frames should be the same so either T2U H2C or T2C H2U.
  7. yes, hosts never should be able to extract like that because it will cause host migration for everyone. then again I feel like people should have the option of opting-out of being host also I feel that auto-host migration is a terrible thing right now, sometimes I get host migrated 3 times in a row just to get the following message after the last host migration: Connection to the host has been lost. You will be returned to the multiplayer menu. another 3-4 minutes wasted getting chain booted from new hosts How about you actually have to press "Yes" to start host migration, "No" being the default. Now it sometimes seems like I'm racing against the clock to cancel host migration before it starts and you can't cancel it anymore For the past few months this has been my biggest source of aggravation in Warframe
  8. Current extraction is outdated and should be replaced Right now you have to stand at the extraction point, while having to wait for the rest of your squad This has always been the case, but since now you are able to solo extract (from certain modes) you can start the timer alone now this doesn't seem to be such a big problem, but since the introduction of Disruption, trying to solo extract from it at times is almost impossible For some reason the extraction timer is 1 minute(why?), mobs spawn near extraction making it impossible to just stand there, but: - Moving out of the extraction zone resets the timer - Switching in/out to Operator resets the timer - New mission objective/stage change resets the timer The last 2 tries I wasted around 10 minutes trying to extract, because the rest of the team was still inserting keys, which would remove my extraction timer every time The fix: - When on extraction add a text that shows: "Press X to extract now." using this option will instantly extract you without having to wait for the timer (a bit like leaving a squad in PoE or OV but instead of getting host migration you just get instant extraction)
  9. not sure to be happy that the QoL changes have finally been implemented, or sad that it took 5 years of nagging a giant step in the right direction nonetheless... oh yeah the new content seems nice too
  10. Thanks for choosing the best solution possible
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