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  1. For several months I've been getting instantly killed on my Hildryn with 5355 shields and 390 hp. At first I thought it might have been toxin damage from an eximus unit or a bullet attractor like ability, but after this happened again today I decided to take a look at the log to check. This is what was reported in the log: 1843.822 Game [Info]: BlackVortex was downed by 2,193 / 2,192 damage from a level 37 VORAC DISC MOA using a KuvaOgris It seems that the damage from my KuvaOgris gets attributed to an enemy source and because of that it damages me. Edit, another log from today: 5911.230 Game [Info]: BlackVortex was downed by 2,633 / 2,632 damage from a level 37 VORAC SHIELD OSPREY using a KuvaOgris
  2. Ran into it a few weeks ago in a Sortie and again today in the Sortie this is kind of embarrassing... here are some previous reports:
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