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  1. true, but that's a different thing from something being fair or not unlike you I got "rewarded" after having done hundreds and hundreds of runs and although I know that the effort required to get that item will diminish in the future, going from perhaps 1 other person a day getting it, in 1 day half of the Warframe community can have obtained this item with around 1% of the effort I spent getting it I agree the token system is a good alternative, but again, being able to get it in one lousy day (because you need to wait for Anomaly respawns) to me feels like a slap in the face for the people that did go through all that effort
  2. do you think it's fair that you wasted your time and got nothing in return though? because I don't, even if it didn't drop for you
  3. what im criticizing is the severe change of rarity, I expected it to be around 50-100 runs to work towards in getting the ephemera not 8 runs (not sure if this is intended or a bug)
  4. I don't think you are respectful if you say it's fair when DE says: we want you to invest around 50 hours to get item A player invests 50 hours to get item A then because other players think its too much effort DE decides to make it 1 hour effectively making that player have wasted 49 hours
  5. DE usually doesn't "correct" these kind of things I think the rarity was intentional but because of the backlash from players they decided to make it easily obtainable
  6. that sounds like incompetence on DE's end if they make a cache spawn in less than 1% of anomalies, which will take around 10-15 minutes to complete, and if the drop rate is less than 100%, wouldn't it be just plain obvious that only a small portion of the community would have it considering you would have to spend more than 20-25 hours to get it on average?
  7. So it's my fault for investing the time DE wanted players to invest in getting a rare item, only to diminish the rarity of said item because too many players were crying about how rare it was?
  8. doing these kinds of things makes people quit the game, I guess the only reason they did it with Tenebrous was because the amount of people who owned it was small enough for them not to care
  9. im pretty sure DE likes RNG because of the gambling element which makes people addicted to playing
  10. I agree the token system is a lot better, but then again I have been asking for a token system for practically every RNG element in the game for more than 6 years(prime gear, mods, arcanes etc...) and apparently DE likes to make people grind RNG
  11. I wonder how people with 7/7 Lich ephemera's would feel if Liches spawned Ephemeras 100% of the time, that would be around equal to the effort you need to do for the Tenebrous right now
  12. I doubt there are less than 10 people that got it the old way, probably closer to 200 for the 100th time I don't mind them getting rid of the RNG element but you can actually acquire the Ephemera in one day now, which isn't much of an achievement which was the whole goal of Ephemeras to begin with
  13. that means someone else still had to grind that +/- 10 Liches(10% spawn chance) for it also average time for a Lich is around 3 hours for me(im usually not lucky on guesses) hence 30 hours
  14. clearly DE wanted the Tenebrous Ephemera to be the rarest Ephemera of all (I got 3 red caches in around 900 runs, I think I was really unlucky, average is probably higher) so how come Lich Ephemeras are still +/- 30 hours per Ephemera while the Tenebrous just dropped from +/- 50 hours to +/- 2 hours
  15. the pot calling the kettle black let me ask you one thing: do you think it's fair towards the players who spent around a hundred hours into this that now everyone is able to get it in 1-2 hours of playing? a simple yes or no will suffice.
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