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  1. yep, that's most likely another consideration for them
  2. it's probably related to storage management why it's so expensive in the terms of room capacity. i.e.: a noggle statue has a value for x, y, z position and a value for x, y, z rotation (no x, y, z scaling) an articula has all of that +: a value for loadout + a value for poseset + a value for pose + a value for equip so in terms of storage it's more expensive for DE to have these items in your ship admittedly, it's not worth 20x the capacity of a noggle statue, but perhaps 2x
  3. it's a shame really, the MOA was great for doing lazy spy missions, now most of the times it just stands in an adjacent room doing nothing and I am forced to hack the panel myself
  4. when I use my Sarpa and start chaining charged shots, after a few shots it either stops firing bullets while still doing the animation, or it will break off the animation after raising the weapon to fire when in this state I'm also unable to roll or jump until I switch weapons
  5. explain that to DE please 🙂 also you kind of said exactly the same thing I did in the post above that
  6. this is actually the problem with rivens I myself have a 120 riven cap, but if I can choose to have rivens for all the good(meta) weapons OR for all the garbage weapons and still have a few slots for rolling and selling rivens (or have duplicates for different builds) then anyone would go for the good(meta) weapons. Why? Simple, if I myself and all others start using those utter garbage weapons because of insane dispositions(looking at the Scoliac vs Atterax), then those weapons will be abused to no end and sooner or later, you can guess it, those rivens will become complete and utter garbage too and with them, the weapons will go back to their previous state: garbage and lets be honest, if rivens should have fixed the problem of certain weapons never being used, since rivens work for all variations of them, who in their right mind is ever going to use a Burston, if there is a Burston Prime (/psychomode on) WITH BETTER STATS THAT USES EXACTLY THE SAME RIVEN? WHO DOES THAT?!?!!!! NO ONE!!!! so every weapon that has a Prime or Vandal or Wraith variant IS NEVER GOING TO BE USED AND COUNTS AS MASTERY FODDER FOREVER! RIVENS DO NOTHING AT ALL TO CHANGE THAT!!! NOTHINGGGGGG!!!! AAAAAA /psychomode off
  7. So true, but it might give those as you referred to "low-mid people" a goal to spend their money on, to be able to roll with those End game people in the foreseeable future
  8. I get what you are saying, but you have to realize that some people come to the forum pissed off about something that happened in the game and they use the forum to among other things, "blow off some steam" about what just happened I can understand the anger and frustration, but instead of fueling the fire, perhaps next time it's best just to let it go and not mention it
  9. Well the loot you gathered can still be stored since this information is stored client side, you can actually instead of getting said failed message, be turned into a solo host. that is so true not sure what you meant by this, but in the past I have reported a failed host migration and DE Support has reimbursed me with the important items that I lost in that host migration. I just can't be bothered taking 30 minutes out of my life to submit a ticket to get an item back unless it takes more than an hour to farm it.
  10. What I know will happen, is that if the assigned new host crashes/alt+f4/aborts or has a horrible pc/connection, you will get this message and say bye bye to all your progress: EDIT: Basically I just replaced the word *THINK* with "know" from your previous post, I'm sure you are very confident about that too
  11. data is being transfered to DE's servers during a mission though, albeit I don't know what type of data. (ever noticed in a solo mission when DE servers are down you get the connection message?) this might or might not be true, I have not debugged the game and do not intend to do so, but the client has A LOT of game data stored, if we are talking about drops(which have been picked up by clients) and such, I think this is stored on the client and possibly the host and might also be synced to the server (I think there is some duplicated data in there) what is not stored on the client are the contents of the drops in the map and some other data about the other clients but it is enough for you to carry on your own mission as a host (even if this means continuing solo)
  12. thanks, but I read that one, and after that patch it actually still worked problem is that my MOA now doesn't want to teleport to me anymore since a week or two
  13. as I programmer I can tell you that is a 100% false statement. how a program handles this situation is completely up to the intelligence of the person designing the system and the person writing the code an example that the game does support no connection to the DE servers is when you finish your mission, but the DE servers are down. what happens next is, it will ask you if you want to abort mission completion or try again to connect to the DE servers, this has been in the game for quite some years now iirc
  14. I was able to force teleport it before by using operator and going far ahead of it, then reverting to frame and it would instantly teleport to me but it seems this isn't the case anymore
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