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  1. @Prekatt I see your point here and after playing around with wisp for a while now, I completly decided to ditch EC for now (still using growing power for the exact points you made). Would you agree that the stronger buff (with EC) should overwrite weaker ones for QoL? Then you could freely use your EC on other abilities (e.g. her 2 for invul, 3 for blind,...) without screwing a teammate that then gets a weaker version of the buff and has to jump of a cliff or similiar to get the stronger one back. Still would like to have an official word about this one though...
  2. @[DE]Megan Any info you could share about this one?
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. Please also fix https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1096698-wisp-energy-conversion-bugged Additionally, stronger reservoir buffs still get reduced to weaker versions, if the other wisp is higher leveled :(
  4. Yeah, I know. This is the same for a variety of other strength or even efficiency buffs (tested by players in the linked thread). Just want to have a confirmation on bug or intentional 😉
  5. Please fix this wisp bug https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1096698-wisp-energy-conversion-bugged/ See above link. Or at least provide addtional information, please. It's getting annoying.. On top, that override behaviour for wisp buffs isn't working properly. My stronger buffs still get dispelled by weaker buffs, if the other wisp is higher leveled...
  6. @[DE]Megan Could you please look into this?
  7. Thanks for the hotfix! Please have a look at this: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1096698-wisp-energy-conversion-bugged
  8. Tested that here already: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1096698-wisp-energy-conversion-bugged
  9. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan Could we get some official information on this one, please? Especially if it is bug or feature would be nice to know 😉
  10. Thanks for the fixes! Would you mind taking a look at reservoirs strange power strength calculations mentioned here? Would be nice to know if this is intended or bugged. Seems totally strange...
  11. Well, time for my 2 cents on wisp 😄 I played around with her for a few days now and overall I'm very happy with her current state. Wisp is a master in the middleground of healing, buffing and cc-ing. Compared to other Warframes her values are a bit weaker (e.g. her heal is around 10-15 h/s behind oberon with simliar values + oberon gives armor boost) and that is fine since she has such a broad spectrum of what she is capable of. My top 3 points I like about Wisp: Reservoirs don't have a duration. Nice bonus in endless missions like defense while you want to recast them in modes like spy or extermination anyway. That immense combo of her 3 with 2 AND 1. Took me quite a while to figure out how to coordinate the teleport AND the second instance blind. Nicely done DE! That sound when you left click while using her ultimate is absolutely fantastic. It feels like you have that death star beam at your fingertips 😄 Now let's take a look on the things that should be different or are bugged. First of all, I've found her 1 to use a VERY strange way when calculating the strength of the buffs. The power strength is not determined on cast of the reservoir but on actually buffing someone with it. This leads to strange interactions between her 1 and things like energy conversion, grwoing power, equinox or nidus power strength buff or void buffs. You can get 2 different buff-values out of the very same reservoir. As this is completly counter intuitive and works different than every other ability in the game I really hope this is some kind of oversight or plainly a bug and will be changed. On top of that, Reservoirs shouldn't only refresh the buff, but apply a stronger buff, if they are capable of. Running around with 2 wisps and always refreshing the weaker buff is no fun. The next thing is her pretty inconsistent working 3. It seems to have the very same problems Hyldrin had with her 2 on release, where slight differences in elevation make this ability non-functional. Additionally, enemies behind objects aren't always hit by it, even if it looks like her ability bypasses that object. You should clarify if we need line of sight (or even line of effect?) and the effect should apply even if an enemy is slightly higher/lower than the cast. Furthermore, the blind on her 3 doesn't seem to apply for the whole duration. After around 3-4 seconds enemies start running around again, while others seem to be disabled (standing in idle pose doing nothing at all). I also see a problem with the sparks her 3 can create, as they are not spawning with killing blows. I think this is not a good way to handle this. Sure, if you can kill that enemy fast, you probably kill the other enemies around it in the same pace, but it's a bit of wasted energy at that point. You get the blind, but lose the damage, only because you are strong enough? Sounds odd to me. How about a similiar system like Ash uses. Ash gets the energy of marked enemies back, if they die before he can kill them. Wisp could get some energy back if enemies that could produce sparks get a killing blow WITHOUT producing at least one spark. Almost finished, so let's talk about her ultimate. As mentioned a few times before the cast is just too bright. I play on 100% effect intensity and I shouldn't have to tone that down just in cause of this one ability. Other than the brightness, the visuals are awesome. So please just change it so I won't be blinded by my pocket sun, add sunglasses or something like that ;D. This was mentioned already also: Her ultimate doesn't apply damage to some enemies and applies damage very inconsistent to other. Enemies that seem to be immune are Eximus units, Cpt. Vor, Hyekka Masters now and then (can't understand why some are damaged and some not, sorry). I'm not quite sure about ancient healers at this point. Could have been another healers aura. For other enemies I would expect it to apply it's damage at some consistent intervall, yet I failed to determine this intervall so far. Could it be that - in cause of it's nature as "beam weapon" - some damage ticks are displayed summarized while others not? A bit confusing here. Last but not least one thing about her passive. For the first 2-3 hours playing her, it was very hard determining if I was invisible or not. It sometimes still is, if there are a lot of effects active. Would you mind to change her invisibilty from "glowing in energy color" to the already known and approved "getting transparent"? That would make that passives up and down times much clearer and better visible. The few problems mentioned above put aside, wisp is a very well concepted and strong support frame with excellent balance of the games 3 most important areas - heal, buffs, cc. Her various combos make her easy to use but hard to master. Well done DE! I'm excited to see the fixes and test her in full glory 😉
  12. Actually they do, but in a very strange way. Try the following: 1. Cast Reservoir and remember the number without energy orb. 2. Let the buff run out. 3. Collect an energy orb and regain the buff from the very same reservoir (NO recast). You will see two different numbers. I really hope this is unintended behaviour... Edit: Also works in the same way with Nidus and Equinox strength buffs
  13. Could we get a fix for this gammacor bug please? It's been around for quite a while now and completely kills the fun of using a gammacor...
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