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  1. What's the intro song? IT'S AMAZING Edit: i have done some digging and it seems that the song is made by nostraightanswer on YouTube but the song isn't on his channel but on a different unrelated channel. The song name is Too Far Away Apparently it was tenno tunes vol 3 entry 2nd place
  2. overZeroPlay

    I am looking for the name of a warframe i saw in game.

    yes, thank you very very much. this is the warframe i saw. i saw a video to make sure and equionox 4th had the same visual effect that i saw. thanks alot!!!!!
  3. Please help I am unable to message/invite/join a friend ingame. It keeps saying he's offline even though he's online in the friend list and his status changes (playing/menus/lobby) sometimes when i try to invite him it also says "failed due to version mismatch" I am using the steam version of warframe, we both are on pc, my connection is good, his connection is good, i can do everything i mentioned with other players, only it's not working with him.
  4. overZeroPlay

    I am looking for the name of a warframe i saw in game.

    Thank you everyone, I think it's limbo. I looked at some pictures/videos and i think it's his 4th ability. He seems really powerful i might start farming him (primary for Defense missions because i got carried twice by the player who used that ability and it made the mission really easy). Thank you for your help! Turns out it was Equinox Maim's None the less thank you for your input
  5. There was this warframe that had an ability that made AOE damage and causes the enemies to get "confused" or "stop in place". The effect looked like a 360 degree huge area where straight lines kept spinning around the entire area. They kinda looked like stars. The ability was on for a long time and i rarely saw the one playing recasting it, Sorry if the description is confusing.