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  1. It would help us, who are using the English forum and are most likely unable to understand Chinese, if we could get a translation of Jxtichi012's announcement. Google Translate isn't exactly the best when it comes to translating entire blocks of text, so I can only get a vague idea of what he's saying.
  2. GunZ The Duel was pretty popular back in the day. S4 League had decent popularity. It's a shame nobody makes these kinds of games anymore, all the non-indie games nowadays are just First Person Shooters or Battle Royales, with a few MMORPGs here and there. While it is unbalanced for certain mods to have significant effects in PvP, what you're saying is incorrect as the mods are tradeable and can be obtained from other players regardless of rank.
  3. Enemy mobility. But considering that the majority of the community can't aim for S#&$ and throws a complete tantrum when having to face enemies that are just as fast as they are, we can't have that.
  4. It's the closest we've got to a butterfly syandana if you can't buy Tennogen for whatever reason. It looks a lot better than the Asita Rakta and Sancti syandanas.
  5. S E R V E R B R O W S E R . In all seriousness, not everyone should have everything if they aren't willing to do everything within their power to obtain it. If you can't get into a match because of your region, then you should then try recruit chat or discord, and only if you've done all of those steps and still can't find a match do you have a legitimate excuse of being unable to play Conclave. But most people never even bother to go beyond the first step. I really like the Tennogen accessories. I had both the money and time to attend the Tennocons, but I didn't want to bother with the hassle of planning everything, booking flights and reservations, and the actual travel itself to see something I could watch on my PC at home. I don't regret not going to Tennocon and not getting the cool syandana and armor set because I made the choice not to go. But hey, the accessories look cool, so do I deserve a free set of Tennogen accessories because I was too lazy to go? At least with the conclave rewards it's not actually exclusive as [almost]* everyone can obtain them eventually. *RIP those people whose internet is so bad they can only play solo due to packet loss
  6. I don't think Celestia Syandana's flames should be permanent unless it's unlocked either through an official tournament prize, or maybe after scoring a few tens of thousands of kills or something along those lines. But it shouldn't be able to be permanently lit in such a manner that basically anyone who just earns a few day's worth of standing will never have to relight it again. And I dislike the flames being tied to the activities as they are: only 2 activities are available per day per game mode, and only FFA is really played, so that's a limit of 2 flames per day at the start of each week before you can rack up the 10 daily activities for the weekly one. It would be better if there were a secondary way of lighting it by obtaining a number of kills / capture cephalons / score lunaro balls per day instead of praying to RNGesus your dailies aren't something like "get 3 kill streaks in one match".
  7. At one point, when the servers were relatively new, the UI was bugged and the standing gain shown was the sum of all matches played in the current session. The standing gain shown also includes challenges, which don't count towards your daily standing gain cap.
  8. For whatever it may matter for, my K:D is ~0.9 and I have purchased everything in the Conclave store. An average skilled player probably earns about 1.5-2k standing per 10 minute match. For an MR 25, it would take around 125-167 minutes per day to max out daily standing gain. I feel that this is way too long in comparison to other syndicates, and standing should be at least 3x as it should be now to allow the average player to max out their daily standing in a reasonable amount of time. As it is now, it's disheartening for many players to play Conclave as their match rewards feel like a drop in a bucket.
  9. I genuinely like the gunplay in Conclave, since I used to play a lot of GunZ the Duel as a child, and I unlocked everything in the store without actively trying by just keeping my Celestia lit. To me, Conclave covers the nostalgia of the bygone days of fast paced shooters. Is the game bad? I personally don't think so, but I'm primarily a PvP player unlike the majority of Warframe's player base. I can understand console players feeling that Conclave bad. I would never play a fast paced shooter on a controller because they're terrible for shooters. Some people enjoy stress. Some are addicted to stress. Just look at the entire League of Legends ranked population.
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