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  1. Sometime ago you've mentioned, that you have a team, working on new beginning of the game. How is the progress on that?
  2. Also something wrong with energy colors of the k-drives, changing color affecting only enegry trail of the engines, not the lights on k-drive.
  3. Great! Right on my birthday. So, how's the progress on the Kingpin system? There was no news about it for so long. Also, have you ever considered the possibility of adding more physics effects like debris from explosions, destructible tissues, liquids, etc?
  4. Can't wait to see end result. You are doing great job.
  5. I like the new particle system, it runs fast (at leats for me, I can't say for others) and it looks cool. So what about adding more effects: liquids (blood, water, acid, etc), tissues (there are lot of flags and banners on grineer tilesets), debris from explosions, maybe even make gore to be more diverse?
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