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  1. Red pulse, appearing when defence objective has low health, stays forever if objective is failed. It is very annoying.
  2. Yes, every helmet equipped on Voidrig will spin on his 2nd ability and turn 180 degrees on 4th. Only on his default helmet it looks normal.
  3. It is intentional, that every hit my Railjack take after it's shields are down leads to the hull rupture? I receive a new hull rupture right at the moment when I fix the previous one. Potentially it can be an exploit to farm xp indefinetely but most important that it is very annoying.
  4. DE, you should add different animations to different helmets on Voidrig Necramech when his second ability is active. Spinning Bruntspar helmet looks hilarious.
  5. DE, why do you add new sentient enemies only for the event? Why I can't encounter them on railjack missions? Will you always add new enemies only for temporary events?
  6. Mission markers often stays on UI and map after completing or failing them on both normal missions and open world. This is also fair for notifications of critical health condition of AI companions, but in this case marker always remains until the und of the mission.
  7. If you die while handling zaw with custom (tennogen, for example) skin, zaw remains it the warframe's hands until the end of the mission no matter how many times you change your weapon to primary or secondary and then back to zaw.
  8. Sometimes trumna ammo clip remains in the warframe's arm until the end of the mission. I have suspision that this happes if you cancel reload animation with, for example, melee attack.
  9. It is strange, but I don't have blueprints for three of four infected k-drives (jet, reactor and nose) in my foundry, while I've received them and I see that I have all of them in my inventory.
  10. I actually don't know why this bug appear. It can be related to switching to spoiler mode in the wrong time, or it can happen when I leave railjack when it isn't alligned with virtual horizon. When this happes I cannot move camera down, but I can move it more than 90 degrees up so I can see backward. This bug related only to warframe, if it happens, camera in spoiler mode remains normal.
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