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  1. Buzlok is still broken, most of the homing bullets doesn't deal damage to enemies.
  2. Liches' and Sisters' nodes do not appear on a starchart if you open starchart in your railjack when you are on a mission.
  3. If you hit enemy with tag round, homing shots will not hit the tagged target.
  4. Timers, that show time, left until ability ends, dissapear if you enter Railjack tactical menu.
  5. Camera bug is nearly a year old, I think it can happen if railjack is not alligned with it's virtual horizon when you leave ship. And I have a question, DE, how do I suppose to shoot pipes during Volatile mission if I can't look up?
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Ice Driver continues to shoot comet shards after being disabled. REPRODUCTION: Disable Ice Driver on any mission, where it appear. EXPECTED RESULT: Ice Driver SHOULD NOT shoot comet shards after being disabled, like any other priority target. OBSERVED RESULT: Ice Driver continues to shoot comet shards after being disabled. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time when you disable Ice Driver it continues to shoot comet shards.
  7. Isn't damage from void fissures a little bit too high? Getting onehitted by environment while running through a corridors of the cleared grineer ship killer platform on Saturn was a surprise.
  8. DE, will we get new railjack armement, that was used in quest?
  9. I've noticed, that experince, recieved by sentinel, is redused by ~50% after sometime form when it's gained. It is most noticeble when you go spy missions, just look at the sentinel's xp bar after succesfully hacking the objective. Or it is working exactly opposite: when you gain xp, ui for sometime tells you, that you've gained twice more experince, than you actually gained.
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