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  1. I don't think they're actually dropping, like... at all.
  2. How about letting us donate articula to dojo? We could have mini mechs with mini pilots.
  3. The vault plat prize is very generous, but we dont really need to rush things with plat, what we do need for building is a metric ton of resources. As a prize that would encourage building more than vault plat, like 5000 gallium and plastids etc. Maybe you could add it to the prizes, because we build with resources not plat.
  4. I can't wait to visit the winning dojos, and I want to thank DE for promoting us in this way. Wakand..................Ikeaframe for-eva!
  5. Step aside brothers......... the champ is here Clan name Asturias Clan tier Ghost Clan platform PC My Clan role Founding Warlord / Babe Magnet Actually there are far better dojos to be honest, good luck to all I love you guys!
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