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  1. They still do that animation if u are close enough
  2. Use knell, very obvious. Its a secondary
  3. But... why? Just choose any relic and you are done
  4. The constant fear of losing everything get rid of every bit of fun I could have. Infinite loading screens and getting stuck in every door while you are not the host are still a very common thing. Despite being a common resource, titanium is the rarest one (12k-15k per mk3 wreckage ._.) There are a lot of problems, and after 9 hotfixes I still feel like this is a v0.5.
  5. Then blink every time you want to reload in PoE or OV, good idea.
  6. Didn't know Empyrean was in the game since the very beginning, thx
  7. Don't forget about new non-finished gameplay mechanics
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