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  1. "Who's in control now suckers? ...Er, uh, security override engaged". That's one of the best
  2. It's a curious idea, but I would say "no" too
  3. The login reward always resets at 12am UTC, you can't change that
  4. You know, maybe you could... i dont know... ¿tell us the stats?
  5. When you have 1 Warframe that deals a lot of dmg, and another that can't kill even one high level enemy, which you preffer? (Btw, i was talking about ember, not zephyr)?
  6. Dmg is really low compared to other frames. She can stay like 10 seconds without dying in high level missions And the CC is decent when she is using the augment for WoF
  7. Vauban, Ember and Zephyr really need a rework
  8. Well, [DE]Layed again... At least now I can go and do some something else...
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