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  1. Idea: Better Captura mode. This kinda always annoyed me cus each time I go into a new Captura I can't expect to see the same settings. Tho most maps do allow u to spawn enemies. Not all do. Idk why De so lazy but here's a few things that need to be done. Firstly all maps should have the freedom of spawing enemies. Two. In Captura u can fight friends but can't kill them. This is because friendly fire is a option in the Captura mode but Invincibility is not. And at default invincibility is on with no way of turning it off. (In the Simulacrum there is little restrictions in terms of pvp with friends do to the ability to use Warframe skills at their full potential and the same goes for everything else.). Being able to use Captura as another way or form to pvp is a great idea and it allows players to test out their warframes in different environments against other players. Getting a Captura just to take photos or explore is not enough. We should also be able to spawn all enemies we have fully scanned. That includes bosses. Imagine a open world pvp fight where u had to also protect urself from a lv 300 vor being protected by Arbitration drones. End of the story. Captura needs to be a fully exploitable environment in terms of pvp and pve. It must be as close to a sand box as possible. Heck allow us to make our own races on orb valis against friends or Plains of eidelon. ___
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