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  1. "Added a new Challenge for completing THE SACRIFICE quest!" So what was this new "Post-Sacrifice" Challenge we were supposed to get?
  2. Guys, PARTNERS imply anyone partnered with Warframe for the Glyph. The Diadem and Teshin Statue needs to be the Warframe official stream.
  3. Hence why I was asking, was it confirmed to be a Solo quest?
  4. The second Dream isn't solo, except the final quest.
  5. Do we know if the quest is Solo or not?
  6. Let him say what he likes, those that say "not today" are trying to avoid disappointment, those that are, are being hopeful, both are perfectly rational things to do.
  7. Makes a nice passtime while waiting for the Sacrifice
  8. Going 9 to 5 logic? Makes sense but Overtime is definitely a thing at a time like this.
  9. "Its Wednesday my dudes" Just that section is enough to describe the entire Warframe community right now. XD
  10. If they're confident on Thursday that means that by Friday it will most definitely be here. Think of it that way and its not so bad
  11. If they're gamebreaing, we'll have to wait longer than initally intended so they can fix those bugs... Delaying the Quest longer.
  12. Oh good god, I completely missed that, I was just happy to play with it's base appearance but... THE CHOICES Time to make a good ol' Stalker Umbra, The Stalker Fashion frames are gonna hit REAL close until we finally get that damned Stalker Helmet... Making a Universal Stalker helm sounds really cool actually.
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