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  1. i was complimenting how smart u were and then u called me a saryn main? love u 2 ❤️
  2. if players pay to skip, then like most devs they will make it more grindy to make more people want to skip even u cant be that dumb mag....
  3. u see that screen when ur wreckage is full and u try to launch a mission
  4. a menu pops up whe u try to join, that lets u scrap wreckage
  5. i get one every 3-4 days.... its rng, and i have enough login days to get 42 hour boosters nad i use them when can during the 2x exp weekend i got an exp booster so iwent and played railjack and get 400 intrinsics in 2 hours or so and i was piloting the entire time
  6. half the fire rate like in other games but u can tap faster to fire faster or hold for the slower auto fire
  7. whats worse is there is a cap of 20 or so i have heard
  8. this is not about the nightwave challenges, its that a resource needed to do a challenge is time limited and capped, and that the mission that its used for is also time limited and rng dependent in itself.... this has nothing to do with ranking up in nightwave
  9. then y label the mainline on pc the nightave? and i get that every time they launched nightwave, it was all at the same time, acept for the first week of the original nightwave so that they could test to see if it as even working
  10. for pc.... they r a full update ahead, and there update is 27.5.0 which is labeled as a nightwave update.... no where does it say we are getting it
  11. if only i could read that also ignis isnt top tier, its just used because people r lazy, the moment we get hard mode, no one will use it for it unless they have a riven
  12. still no date on the next season of ur battle pass? its been half a year already....
  13. it wasnt a stealth nurf, it was in a patch note that mind controlling liches wasnt intended
  14. the number of procs determine the number of dots, if u have low damage but ether high fire rate, or high status, the amount of dots will increase causing more dps if u cant rap that around ur head then idk what to tell u if a weapon lost status by 70^ then they lost 70% of thier dps if they were built for heat status or slash status or hell even toxin if i have a gun that does 1000 damage and only does heat and i have a gun that does 100 damage x 10 and does only heat and both weapons have the same fire rate and 100 status they will do equil dps
  15. there is but it effectively does nothing if ur holding forward
  16. Each spin of broken bull is a forward E In PS4 that translates to forward circle Say I want. To attack a guy behind me, I literly can't just change direction and keep doing broken bull If the camera is north, my warframe is facing south, moving in the warframes forward, not the cameras, will never trigger broken bull How hard is it to understand that I can't even press forward because in this case forward would mean attacking 180 degrees from the direction of the target? In the old system I melee then pause, then melee into broken bull, then steer it with movement as I pressed the melee button.. I want the direction of the warframe to be the forward direction so I can do forward combos independent of the camera, hell I'd like some kind of targeting for gunblades as well for this reason (that is a toggle in the options and not forced) If ur going to tell me to just turn the cammera, I'd like u to then hold a controller first Mr PC Man
  17. u do for broken bull the spin attack, u have to be going forward each time u press the melee button, or u do a compleatly diffrent attack, and its like this for most combos now
  18. what fight? i was agreeing with them lol, u used to tap forward, now ur forced to hold it, with a controller that means u cant aim ur melee u can only melee forward to even use broken bull now, its worse now the it was and yes u can set it to melee with the trigger but u cant use a mouse and keyboard onn ps4, becuase all of the menus only accept inputs from ur controller ven tho fortnight and warthunder let u remap ur controlls on a keyboard and mouse lol
  19. u could press forward and do a combo without holding forward, lets see u change direction without a mouse while still going "forward" if im moving in a direction and facing also in that direction (not the camera, the warframe) it should count as moving forward
  20. i would do the railjack portion, if players would join my squad im not going to solo it...
  21. y do i have to build the event weapons? y do they take rail jack resources WHY DO THEY TAKE 24 HOURS?
  22. then hold a different button, like mouse 4 or 5 or literally any other button?
  23. i have been complaining about this kind of thing for a while
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