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Every mayor update DE brings I'm like: 




"Lets grab some beer and kick some rear" -Inspired by Mr.Torgue




After reveal in Second Dream


**Spoiler Alert**  Don't click if haven't done the quest!




"We still don't even have a reason to keep fighting. Now that I know I'm a kid and I have no moms but really cool and powerful gear I just want to break into all sorts of candy stores and steal all the ice cream and candy that i want.


My dinner will be cheese cake and strawberry milkshake. It's time to catch up on being a kid.

Then im going to play pranks on the Corpus and throw itching powder on all their suits so they have to run around naked. Then tell them to eat my shorts. And im not going to listen to "Lotus" cause she is not my mother. My mother is dead. And im going to let my kubrow sleep on the bed."







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