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  1. Hello 1. ign c44x-Raptor 2. First really like shy's videos and her artwork saw a video shy did youtube had popped up one of her videos from a year ago her sneaking onto rebford ship which led me here after a bit. Played warframe for a few months stopped for 2 years came back around 2 months ago and it better then ever before I left I play other games like need for speed hit man nier automata like different anime cartoons went named my moa Motoko. I'm usually on most days even if I afking for awhile getting food or watching whatever or other real life stuff. 3. I'm 39 in school for computer systems engineering technology figured like to build mod and work on computers so why not go to school for it this is my 5 or 6th system I've built. If I not on I probably out and about doing that real life stuff like shopping out with friends or helping my mom out taking her dog out potty which is nice being in the same building makes that easier. may be quite but do watch chat and listen if I not out running around fishing or mining or just finding the nearest group of enemies to have a friendly chat with lol. 4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/C44x-Rap
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