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  1. Please, allow us to be able to trade Avionics mods just like any other normal mod. I have no use for a duplicate "Particle Ram" mod, yet it's very rare and I know I could give it to help my friend. <= this is sooooo far from truth! I don't think you see how the majority of people play Railjack today in public missions, not the way we can see. It's all about selfish grind and ninja-looting/killing either for xp(intrinsics) or resources/blueprints, both topped with RNG (but hopefully you're planning to change that with some "universal looting", so ok that can be a step in the good direction). Railjack was supposed to be a clan thing (at least, from my understanding), a new content very much oriented to player co-operation, but right now it's just a mess. Finding a good squad for hunting Eidolons is easier than running a Railjack mission with people leeching on the hard work from the others and with hoping it doesn't fail because of a bug... You want this Fortuna phrase to be true? ok, Make a real matchmaking system with real roles. If you need ideas for that, then look at Dragon Keys and have people to select a role before to join a public game. For example, have players lose health or individual resources if they don't man the turrets (similarly to something like the Infested Salvage mission for example). Make sure people take their role at heart with mandatory/forbidden activities for a pilot, engineer, gunner and maybe some exceptions for a tactician/Archwing fighter (kind of "Jack of all trades") Let us be able to trade Avionics mods. They are mods, not wreckages/armaments. Why shouldn't we be allowed to trade them? Revert the changes (I call that a nerf) applied on Dirac. It has divided by TEN the amount of Dirac I could get from my missions (I can't yet play in Veil Proxima, so I can't say how it was before and now, but I've made some records about missions rewards in Saturn Proxima). Right now, for me, no scraping of enough Avionics mods during a mission, will cover the loss of Dirac from the results of these changes. You want us: to pay with platinum to repair our loot so we can skip the horrendous amount of resources required to pay with platinum to get enough Dirac (for which you have recently nerfed the acquisition) to upgrade our stuff to pay again platinum to have more inventory slot to keep our loot. Or else we must grind like chinese farmers to play your game... is that what you really want from us? 😞 I've already paid for a Resource Booster to ease the burden, but when will it be enough to stop treating us like mobile games addicts? when too many people go on Steam to write negative reviews about DE? What's next for Warframe? lootboxes and new "soft pay2win" methods? Come on... I play PC games to be able to play all kind of other games during my free time, which is not dedicated to have to grind like a monkey job just for 1 game, DE's game. I like farming and I don't mind a bit of grind to slowdown the progression of the general playerbase, but I don't like to have to pay for unacceptable amounts of resources needed to level-up. You've already acknowledged that the majority of people is skipping MK1 and MK2 progression just to save for MK3 equipment, so you know there's something wrong, right? Then why nerfing Dirac acquisition was a good move in your opinion? Was it because you didn't sell enough Dirac packages on the Platinum market after release date? Ok this is starting to become sarcastic, so I will stop here, but honestly, I would like to know more about what you intend for the grind experience in Railjack. It's ok for me to play Railjack missions for hours, but I expect the time spent to be rewarding or else the real fun there is in this content is going to taste bitter very quick... Anyway, thank you for keeping in touch with us and I appreciate, at least, the effort put in the regular communication 👍 EDIT: With the latest update (, we can now trade Avionics mods! very good news! (I didn't see it prior posting my Railjack review)
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