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  1. I mean, they can definitely work, Destiny proved this way back in 2013. The problem is (here comes the theoretical downvotes) the majority of the Warframe community is too casual for them and probably wouldn't enjoy them. Destiny's raids are quite difficult and complex and almost always require voice comms. Honestly, look at all the content that has come out in Warframe. 99% of it is based around the idea of casual play, which is ok, but it really does put more hardcore veterans to the side compared to its competitors (like Destiny). This is part of the reason why veteran player retention in Warframe is historically bad.
  2. Destiny 2 will have more players on Steam than Warframe when it releases. Even right now on the Blizzard launcher with it being P2P, its over 1 million daily players. When it goes f2p I imagine it being probably over 2m+ a day when it settles down a bit. Its a great thing though, as much crap as I'm going to get for saying this DE has gotten a bit lazy over the past year I feel, and there hasn't been much content to hold more seasoned players over. Fortuna was a mess and only provided a couple weeks worth of content, and railjack/new war still isn't due for quite a while even though it was shown at Tennocon last year. Giving Warframe some more solid competition on the Steam platform is healthy for the game and will hopefully get DE going a little bit.
  3. Personally I just think you should get Wolf (of whatever the current wave is) Credits for doing the missions and just spend them on whatever you want to from the list of rewards. There shouldn't a be a battle pass tier system because this type of system pretty much screws anyone who didn't play for the first week or two of the wave.
  4. I just really think DE is putting their resources into updates that aren't worth the dev team. Fortuna is good, but not worth the incredible amount of dev time that went into it. For 90% of players, Fortuna ONLY exists to get a kitgun you like then boom you're pretty much done with Fortuna.
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