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  1. Hi I got a question there about Modding system right now. Different kinds of missions means different kind of mods setup you will need for those specific needs. Could You please Make Slots Multiple Polarizeable? And no red polarities. the system was good with lesser gameplay mods and lesser mods, but doesnt fit to the time anymore. I got some Frames four times with different builds and thats no fun at all 😞 . Just confusing to know wich frame got what build and may the polarities for a new build to fit in the mission right now. More configs 5-6 would be enough i guess, even if they only purchaseable for platin that would be fine by me) with multiple polarizating slots. More possibilities to play for frame. Your mission and more sold Forma Bundles from this. Everyone would win :). Well way more Formas Would be needed in that case i would reccomand to make a silver forma a second building line in the foundery(or formas from vaulted relics). The following is only optional but would be great too And maybe some extras with formas you put in a frame until its to its max. Like a Skill tree for the where is unlock points with formas. Base % cc immunity, faster channaling a skill, or giving the skill fix range that doesnt change with mod (gives more skill/mod/play possibilities), as a reward when you made all 6 polarities in 1 slot=able to fuse 1 augment to your frame (with the possibility to disable it), better BASE weapon switch (let admit its really slow and even with a 100% switch mod you will only get 50% switch, it a game you play fast with status and many weapons switching weapons should not feel like a disadvantage in battles 🙂 ) This System gives many opportunities to rework the mod system without replacing it. With a systems rework you can expirience new thing in every mods/map in the solar system wiht every frame 🙂 . Its hard to reowrk a system without makes everyone angry but since its isnt replacing but still a rework. This idea should be fine 🙂
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