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  1. Bonewidow is not bad, but kindda close one. MEATHOOK first, it's hard to hold enemy more than i expected. and also, it's shame that holden/thrown enemy hasn't got any damage. SHIELD MAIDEN good defensive ability, but i want it to use shield strike when using melee button. it can do that when we use both shield maiden and ironbride casted, right? then why can't we use it when only shield maiden casted? FIRING LINE wish to increase horizental range. EXALTED IRONBRIDE need to be arch melee mods buffed + and why does bonwidow hasn't any polarities?
  2. still arum spinosa and sporotrix bp are missing on bounty rewards plz fix this fast
  3. My thoughts of xaku's currently problems: 1. Void damage has not so much advantage now. damage decreases when attacking grineer and infested. only advantages on sentient but there are few missions where we can meet sentients(anomaly, lua, quest, etc.) 2. Casting speed of Grasp of Lohk and The lost is too slow. especially deny. 3. Please enable to recast Grasp of Lohk and The lost while these abilities are active. 4. Why did you guys made the The vast untime spend energy after casting? make this only use energy while casting or make this toggle ability like chroma's effigy.
  4. please enhance the cambion drift's miniral vein visibility. can't see them properly.
  5. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [can't open the door/can't hack the doorlock at certain data vault] VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: [at particular data vault in corpus ship spy mission] EXPECTED RESULT: [door opens or consols are working] OBSERVED RESULT: [can't open the doors or can't hack the locked door's consol ] REPRODUCTION RATE: always. don't know this is intended or bug
  6. https://youtu.be/lERpyNhJBO4 can't open some doors in this data vault after the tileset changed by deadlock protocol i'm still dobut about this is bug or intended.
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