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  1. Same problem here the other two stover floofs are fine, just the fire-veined cannot be selected after placing.
  2. Hopefully something will be done to address the issues regarding bonus standing on bounties:
  3. I agree completely, but if you read their changes it doesn't actually address this in any way which leads me to believe they have no problem with the system despite the obvious problems. The fact that they're not actually changing the system just letting people pick their rewards speaks volumes about how tone deaf DE can be about certain things.
  4. Coming back to Warframe after a couple of years and seeing this stupid system was almost enough to make me reconsider. A gear wall that cannot be surpassed except for logins is effectively punishing people for not logging in. I had played the game from beta for a few years, but clearly I picked the wrong few years according to this system. Cosmetics and other non gameplay effecting things should certainly be behind the login wall, but to have exclusive weapons and mods is just dumb. There should be an alternative means to acquiring the stuff which has a direct effect on actually playing the game...or really just do away with that aspect of the login system. I am unaware of any other game which blocks players from accessing parts of the game for years and there's a very good reason for that (I'd say it's obvious, but maybe it isn't to DE): it's a bad idea that doesn't help anyone.
  5. It has been over a week since the changes to Sanctuary Onslaught and since it was changed Normal mode has been relatively impossible to clear z8 solo. We have had 3 patches since the change with no adjustment in any way, so I just assume that solo players are being told to pay plat for maiming strike (since it isn't currently available as a drop) and hope for a melee range riven (or again buy with plat) or don't bother even trying to get Khora. The enemy mob health etc which the workshop article only cited Elite clearly was applied to Normal as well which is undoubtedly part of the problem. Personally I don't care about getting beyond z8 solo on normal, but I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation that clearing z8 should be possible to do with reasonably good gear. As it stands right now Sanctuary Onslaught was turned into a screw you to solo players (the first week it wasn't anywhere near as hard to clear z8). The absolute silence from DE regarding this fact despite it being explained repeatedly isn't doing any favors either. With any luck there will be some acknowledgment (with preferably a fix en route), but at this point unfortunately I'm not holding my breath which is extremely disappointing to say the least. Below is the workshop article I'm referring to which only cites changes to elite despite the fact that it was clearly both modes.
  6. They messed up something with the scaling or efficiency drop starting in zone 5. I was able to get through zone 8 all of the time solo in normal onslaught even with the messed up spawns from yesterday. Two attempts post hotfix and failed zone 7 and barely got to zone 8.
  7. They've dragged their feet to the extent that we all just get to sit around waiting for u16 and this void change that they haven't really made clear at all. I'm assuming with messing with voids/keys that the drop tables will be changed again not to mention any new things added to the tables.
  8. Best part of the ODS drop tables is that not even all of the key types drop there... that's just extra insult.
  9. Except for the fact it isn't funny because he's been screwing the playerbase over, and quite frankly I think your suggestion is perfect punishment. Clearly he doesn't play the game though and his cheating during their devstream just further shows how little he seems to actually care about the game side of things. They only added them to A in regular Survival and B in Interception and I believe the star chart C are all keys I may be wrong though I haven't checked beyond what I've played personally. I certainly agree they shouldn't be in C for void and neither should Forma BPs, but that just goes back to what this whole thread started out about. I'm really curious how else the drop tables were affected when they inserted Orokin Cells, but who knows when/if we'll be able to find out since it would appear stuff is encrypted again.
  10. Except then they'd have to ditch the weighted drop chances and actually make individual drop rates for every item that drops. That would be logical, but that isn't allowed here you should understand that by now.
  11. First messing with the C tables when they implement stacking rewards, and now it's adding in Orokin Cells to T4Surv... I'd say DE is doing a good job of killing everything without our help.
  12. That's because that's how their drop tables work... look at every single mission in the game they all conspicuously have the same exact percentages (if you add up the common/uncommon/rare classifications). They use an idiotic weighted class system rather than each individual piece of loot having its own percentage. As for T4 Survival getting Orokin Cells that's just a bad joke, let's hope that they're only in Rotation A, but either way it sounds like everyone's going to be swimming in those too soon enough.
  13. Promise you the percentages are completely accurate from the hard evidence available.
  14. The way loot works is weighted drops in pools: Common, Uncommon and Rare and each of these pools has a certain percentage chance of the drop coming from them and then all of the items in that pool have an equal chance of dropping. When it's just Common and Uncommon it's ~77.5% Common and ~22.5% Uncommon (typically most voids have this structure) and when it's all 3 it is ~76% Common ~22% Uncommon ~2% Rare. Loki Prime bit from T4Surv is Uncommon.
  15. It wouldn't be so bad if you were farming key tiers, but the added rng of getting the right mission key just kills it for me. I was able to justify some key farming for solo lvling weapons and getting oxium, but once the drop rates were buffed it simply hasn't mattered.
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