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  1. sleep well take rest big day tomorrow mates!!
  2. wave goodbye to reinforced glass while you still can XD
  3. i think it isnt added manually its just a time gate that triggers next part automatically when it expires
  4. yepp the main post on the news channel should turn to "out now" from "coming this week" then only it will
  5. thats as far ive seen in 3yrs of my time in here that red text comes and deployment usually starts 5 mins before 2pm et which is the usual update drop timing
  6. well friday it is then i guess... im cool with it tho
  7. nope wait 13 more minutes for confirmation. red text comes at 1:55 pm et
  8. seems today cuz thermia event expired and plus jackal sorties have began soo maybe we will be seeing red text within 15mins.... fingers crossed
  9. this is good and a really needed thing for the new players cuz when they come to ask questions about stuff in the region chat it just gets lost in the ocean of txts. this is not only better to ask questions but answer them as well, will come really handy to help them newbies out really looking forward to it. cheers DE
  10. this is a really welcome change. now my graphics wont be goin haywire due to all that particles in a 4 bramma squad. i stopped using bramma becuz it started getting annoying cuz it became mainstream in no time. but in my opinion the MR requirement needs to be increased for all kuva weapons else it just becomes a power creep in the hands of a kid. ive literally seen newbies spawn in the region chat and just ask "where to get bramma" or "how to get bramma". and once they acquire it they dont bother with other weapons cuz they already got the best so whats the use, and that makes them lose in the variety of weapons(be it good or bad), and then they start complaining that there is no variety...... i hope you get my point, pls do something with the acquisition. its better to make the liches accessible at a higher MR.
  11. exactly i also read it there and got a little ray of light that it might release today but nope... their usual update drop time, i.e. 2AM ET, has past 37 minutes now to be precise so i guess it isnt coming which means its back to waiting in the dark again i guess. thats all we can do right now....
  12. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/warframe-the-deadlock-protocol-will-soon-to-revamp-the-games-oldest-content/&ved=2ahUKEwiE3-GZzejpAhUwzTgGHW0lC0sQFjADegQIDBAO&usg=AOvVaw0eJUS-rgmwzxxVIWKyVv6_&ampcf=1 This will take you to pcgamer site where they have said DE have been aiming for the week of June 5th, after they announced the delay back in May
  13. I read somewhere they are aiming for the week of June 5th, that is this week and tomorrow to be precise so just keep your fingers crossed and hope for red text to bless us with his presence....
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