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  1. Bruv, that's That's about all I do anymore these days, there really is a huge gap between vets and newer folks. Forgot how convoluted all the systems can be lol. I'll be honest, the purple name in chat is what I was in it for. Couldn't care less about any badge of honors. Purples just my favorite color lol.
  2. That's a shame, kind of a trend though at this point. As much as I love this game I can't help but think DE has a short attention span. Seems like everywhere you look there's an abrupt dead end game mechanic or community thing that went nowhere. Meanwhile their on something else and might get around to removing whatever it may be a couple years later (cough raids cough). I do really love WF, just frustrating at times.
  3. I agree, I'm just looking for stuff to do and people to help along the way.
  4. The new clan members aren't new anymore. The chicks have learned to fly after negding in the right direction and I'm finding myself bored. Is GOTL a thing anymore? I'm more than interested.
  5. Shadow Tenno Elite Shadow clan Xbox one Warlord - WiggywhatNow
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