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  1. Some of us had to suffer to get it. Turning it into a token reward is just an insult to everyone who farmed it up, honestly. At least make it difficult to get. This also doesn't address Umbra Forma being literally the exact same thing. And Rush Repair Drones.
  2. No fix for Ciphers Failed? Still never gonna use the forge.
  3. This is the most rushed, least complete update to have ever been released since Kuva Liches, which before that, was the previous update. It's a serious race to the bottom.
  4. 25/50m in space is practically nothing for a vacuum increase. Triple it.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608606148 Also, hold right click to glide. Bullet jump goes in the direction you're aiming. Bullet jump is crouch and jump. Also, y i k e s.
  6. I honestly don't believe that, it's too terrible a change to have been on purpose. Space flight is about freedom, not about constriction.
  7. I'm very sure this is a bug. There's just no way it's intended, as it feels terrible through and through. There is no momentum, Archwings stop on a dime while on space when inputs stop. There's no more drift, which makes the experience genuinely feel awful. I cannot look up until I'm upside down. The freedom of space is now missing. Fluctus now has its land form in space. The wave is small and travels a miserably small distance and at a horribly slow pace.
  8. For me, black on black and it's still real easy to see.
  9. Previously, air melee attacks would add forward momentum to your character. It wasn't just an offensive skill, it was also used as a utility in order to move faster while keeping lower to the ground, or making longer jumps. Now, it adds no momentum and can no longer be used to improve one's speed, which is an honestly big cut out of moving skillfully in Warframe. Please re-add momentum to air melee attacks.
  10. The decision to remove explosions from Power Throw on Glaives is short sighted and genuinely ignorant, especially for its supposed reasoning. First off, removing explosions from Glaives doesn't benefit the 41 other frames. How does it? It doesn't make glaives more useable to people not using Chroma. The explosion at all being lethal to the player is by a combination of Power Throw AND Quick Return. At this point, it's like a disc grenade. Much like EVERY explosive weapon in the game, of COURSE it can hurt you. But you aren't removing explosions from Tonkor or Zarr for the sake of 41 other frames, are you? The fact is, explosive weapons are dangerous, and the people who use Quick Return and Power Throw together know exactly what they wanted from that combo: self damage. But that in itself isn't everything you gain. Even though its goal is fairly straight forward, a glaive still becomes strong while using Vex. It still has use. Such is not the case of what your'e trying instead to push. Self damage is still integral for Chroma, that means users are going to find another weapon instead. With the glaive, it still had use in general play. But now, to self damage, the best option if Hikou Prime. Are you gonna just remove Concealed Explosives from the game to make Hikou Prime more accessible to 41 other frames later on? Is that the "end goal"? But it's not just that. Concealed Explosives is a flat damage. It takes no benefit from Vex. The secondary slot, the one people use for their favorite kitguns, is now a dead slot for Chroma. Hikou Prime will fall off without any benefit or bonus to Vex and simply hold the slot hostage, while Glaives themselves could still be used for much longer than Concealed Explosives ever could be. In other words, you're actually HURTING build diversity by doing this. In short: removing explosions from Power Throw to benefit 41 other frames is an outright lie. It does not benefit them, as they weren't going to use the SPECIFIC combo as well as aim down for no reason in the first place. It's a straw man argument. By removing the synergy, you also limit build diversity and force Chroma players into a more specific set up than previously, which honestly is a bit extra bullS#&$ because I legit just picked up a Gaze riven. And explosive weapons are dangerous, yes, but you aren't removing explosions from every explosive weapon to be more accessible for other frames. All this does is hurt a group of players not as a direct nerf but one directly towards their build diversity. It benefits no one. At all. To imply otherwise is a joke.
  11. Ember has lost her niche as a roving nuke. It means she's lost her primary use, in exterminate fissures, in hopes of seeing more general use. You could have instead let her keep her best in category and improved her general use, too, but this hurts my usage of her completely.
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