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  1. S#&$ty Kickbot is autodeleting Shawzin Songs.
  2. Just give us Umbra frames instead. I don't want consumables and I don't want permanent changes to the frames I have. If I want a frame to move around, I'll use Chroma Umbra, but if I want it to hold still for buttons, I'll use Chroma Prime. Plus it just means more cosmetic options.
  3. Hi, I'm an avid dojo builder who takes the layout of his house very seriously. Hurry up and finish this. Thanks. Also Semlar has been sharing this, watch out.
  4. I really feel the importance of driving this point home: We JUST got click and drag organizing for our colors. But we STILL can't organize our loadouts how we want at all.
  5. I still can't organize my loadouts how I would like to, either a messy "default" or alphabetical only. I still need to delete older loadouts in order to arrange them how I see fit, rather than being able to click and drag them into new places and swap them around freely. This new loadout screen amounts to just a coat of paint and doesn't address the issues of the functionality at all.
  6. Release the GotL armor and sigils to the general public! Anyone can be helpful, no one has ever needed a special title to do such, but you CAN reward people for doing so actively! Just look at TF2! https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Professor_Speks
  7. Gotta say, a Liset Skin and a Noggle are kinda unfortunate.
  8. Client Doors don't work anymore. I'm getting stopped at doors whenever I'm client again. Send fix immediately.
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