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  1. With over 400 weapons in the game (and more on the way), 90 riven slots is getting to be more and more restrictive. The more you guys go back and rework weapons the more weapons become viable, which is great, but we just can't have rivens for all of them. Would it be possible to bring the limit up to something like 150? TLDR: more riven slots pretty please with clem on top
  2. Is there any chance we could get a higher maximum riven capacity? With over 350 weapons and counting, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose which rivens to throw away when so many make their weapons more enjoyable.
  3. I like the idea of reworking the login system, but I feel the propsed changes to not address the main problems with the current system. Locking weapons and mods behind a timer has always been the problem, regardless of choice. All of the weapons could be desirable, so allowing the player to choose which doesnt help as they still need to wait 700 days to get all the weapons. The only way I think the proposed changes could work is if many more rewards are added, say up to around 1500, to give a choice in reward for those veterans with 900+ logins. However, this still doesn’t fix the timer and only pacifies the veterans, not the average player. I understand the login weapons and mods are not crucial to anyone’s success in the game, but recently you have made previously locked rewards like the Supra Vandal, Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal available to all players. If the goal is to have equal accessibility for veterans and newbies alike, weapons and mods have to be removed altogether from the daily tribute. I just feel like there’s a better way to reward those who are loyal to warframe. I believe cosmetic rewards, such as the lodestar syandana and armor set, are the way to go for the login rewards. Instead of choosing a weapon or mod you may or may not like, you can choose a cosmetic that you immediately like the look of. I appreciate all you do for the game and I hope our feedback leads to a better experience for all of us.
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