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  1. problem with tentacle boi is that you need to make sure his tentacles actually grab enemies, which leads to a lot of enemies dying that dont get grabbed. khoras dome pretty much grabs everything no matter what.
  2. oh my lord this is the greatest change this update.
  3. I think DE kinda screwed themselves by leaving dispositions unchanged for such a long time. Its obvious now that there's only supposed to be "good" rivens for bad weapons. but because we have had amazing rivens for amazing weapons for so long people got used to it. Now DE is trying to bring down the power levels and fix what should have been fixed ages ago, and in doing so is taking away peoples power fantasies that people paid a lot of plat for. DE should just bite the bullet, tell people they screwed up with the rivens, and do a massive riven balance pass to get them all where they want them to be. At least that way im not going to see all my favorite rivens get worse and worse over the course of a year or 2. just rip the bandaid off and be done with it.
  4. nightwave should be treated like fortnights battle pass. Where every week new challenges are unlocked for people to do, but they stay there for the entirety of the season. So at least you do all the challenges from all the weeks in week 10 if that's what you want to do. I really liked that because it didn't make it feel like weekly chores because you could ignore them until the last week of the season if that's what you wanted.
  5. any news on Pets 2.0? Sheldon said he was working on it a long long time ago and we have seen 0 progress.
  6. Since you are allowing Tennogen creators to make full body armors for our Tenno, is there any chance we will get to see creators make full body skins for Warframes that is more than just texture, normal, spec map changes?
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