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  1. Thread closed, not goign to argue with anyone else, people are too ignorant. Enjoy living in your bubble.
  2. Then stop being ignorant and realise the reason everybody is saying it is because its a PROBLEM that needs tobe addressed. Peopel shoud stop ignoring it and do something about it.
  3. Heres the next question, is that all? Is it going to be sustainable, will it be enough?
  4. "Another one of these" If there are so many people saying this, then something needs to be done about it, the fact that you are seeing so many of these proves that im right and that there is a problem.
  5. Some people are afraid to say it because of how toxic people are here, but the recent content drop was by far, minimal, one warframe and a mission for nightwave which is basically a normal mission with a few new enemies, technichally, there was no new mission, just new enemies for a single mission that's locked behind a key. Is there any ACTUAL content coming anytime soon? I know you guys love to hide the truth because the truth makes you sad, however this needs to be said.
  6. I guarantee you it's going to get the famous DElayed 🙂 Things such as "released this week" are always a lie, always an "unexpected" bug. DE lied too many times and lost my trust. Just a PSA. Happy jumping around tenno.
  7. You are the reason the world lacks innovation and creativity nower days.
  8. Well thats disappointing, i just wanted to remove the scarf, not the details such as the extra parts on the arm and chest. 😕
  9. Has it been deployed? Im confused, also what are the requirements to toggle? A paid skin or on any skin such as default and dex?
  10. So im trying to mimic the shadow stalker since the body is very similar, however, the scarf kinda gets in the way, could it be changed to an auxilary item or something? Like chromas delux wing thing.
  11. Well, I don't really read other posts or even look at them, so I was not aware, I just open a tab and speak my mind, and yes, I have already found a new hobby, Im just merely giving a suggestion.
  12. So I got back into the game recently, only because of nightwave, completed everything/caught up, now theres nothing to do and bored already, only thing that keeps me logging in is nightwave. We need a content drop soon, and I don't mean 1 gun, a syandana and armour with a few couloured drones and a guitar that is just a stiff statue.
  13. I appreciate that Wisp can hover rather than walk, however, one let down is that when you aim her gun she walks, when she hold mele, she walks. If you could, Wisp would be much better aesthetic wise if she hovers no matter what when she has her animations. Also wanted to add, would be nice if slide animation was also custom for Wisp.
  14. Hey, not going to be a sheep and copy the rest 🙂
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