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  1. The only thing that Duration affects with the Second ability, Vial Rush, is the duration of the bombs that come from the ability when it ends. So basically duration is kinda useless outside of this, and the duration of status effects.
  2. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Cedo Is applying more statuses than it should, and the additional statuses that are being applied are what's being used to create other status types. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Fire the Cedo Alt Fire on a enemy EXPECTED RESULT: The Alt fire should only use the combined status from the Weapon Stat page OBSERVED RESULT: It uses more statuses that it shouldn't be able to use REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% just fire the Alt Fire
  3. It also affects the duration of his abilities, just the second one though
  4. I must not have my Stropha kitted out then, I don't really use it much so that might explain it
  5. Yea pretty much, Lavos isn't really much without the Cedo's alt fire, and the only time it would outperform something like a Stropha is if your fighting a group of 10 Gokstad Officers, but other than the Simulacrum you never gonna find something like that ingame
  6. Won't be surprised if they do, but they'll be shooting themselves in the foot wondering why they have to wait the full 30 seconds for their ult
  7. The name of the song is in the post so nice try bud
  8. When used with Cedo that is, or really and weapon that can spread status like crazy cause my god, its amazing. An all status Cedo, with the alt fire status over 100% allows you to throw a bunch of status procs all over the place, and its always gonna target enemies since it just a glaive, once you have all the procs, use his 4, and watch the enemies fall
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