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  1. And any new player wouldn't even know that this is tenno jewelry to begin with. The entire video shows that this person was a survivor of what ever tragedy the grineer caused, and found the tenno monument and was praying for hope, literally nothing else points to this person being an actual tenno. For all new play knows this was just a memory, or her prayers being answered at a cost.
  2. If you actually watched the video, and heard what was being said you'd know that the kid in the video is not a space kid, just someone that found the monument why the legend of the tenno was being told
  3. Mind getting a clip of that, I watched the whole stream, as well as a couple of overviews on youtube, I don't remember that being said, and something like that would've been mention at least once outside of this post.
  4. It's the particles, her 4 uses a lot, same happens with any weapon with a lot of particles like Staticor.
  5. Scratch that, just asked a clan mate, does work outside of this mode, probably a bug, should send this to bug reports
  6. In that link it clearly states that it was made for the Defection Game mode
  7. How about u wait until the concept is finished before complaining, it was clearly stated that everything is WIP with some abilities that cant be shown at the time
  8. Hit Alt+Enter to go to windowed mode, you can sign in from there, after signing in you can maximize the window, or change the setting to windowed borderless, just not fullscreen.
  9. Hit Alt+Enter to go to windowed mode, resolutions seemed to be borked rn
  10. Screen resolution is not correct on my monitor, I'm looked to the top left corner of the game when in fullscreen at 3840x2160. When in 1920x1080 the game goes past the barrier of my monitor. In Borderless Windowed it goes to 1536*864. Relaunching the game did not fix the problem.
  11. I'm a simple man so I only have a simple question, will there be more gunblades in the future?
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