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  1. Except Frost has problems that modding cant fix, for one all of his damage abilities do Cold damage, literally the most useless damage type next to impact. On top of that out of the 3 damage abilities he has, only 1, Avalanche, that does actually damage, but if you want an build that can be used outside of the Simulacrum, you're gonna have to sacrifice alot of power to make it viable, for more range and efficiency, and even then its only really usable in lower levels because the damage it does is Cold. 1st ability is straight up garbage, can only be used with the augment as a damage boost for
  2. Well I would like navigator to slow down some weapons travel speed, and make it so that adding duration for less enery drain doesn't also increase the time to reach the max damage multiplier, but hey thats just my opinion
  3. Pretty much this, I was gonna do like a 10 paragraph post to explain cause I'm bad at summarizing, but this is essentially it Also you haven't really listed where she struggles at or how she's even bad. All you listed were downsides, every frame has downsides. Loki does literally no reasonable damage with his abilites, Saryn drains energy faster than a Humvee, Wukongs passive literally requires you to die, thus making him have no passive at all, seeing how you should be avoiding death all the time
  4. This sounds more like you don't know how to play Ivara rather than Ivara needed a rework. Ivara only has like 2 problems, 1: Noise Arrow doesn't work on alerted enemies, 2: Navigator makes no sense in how the ability scales with mods, and isn't really viable for most weapons. Other than that she works just fine
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