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  1. So all they need to do is add more instruments, just like the several we have already for her. Secondly changes to making the buffs easier to get will prob never happen, she's pretty much op from just 1 of the buffs, alongside her other abilities, making them easier to get will just make her even more op, and seeing how this is DE, will eventually result in a massive nerf
  2. So exactly how Octavia works already, ya ok
  3. Except there is no B, u just walk away if u don't want the lich, which is where my comment on muscle memory comes in. You may not have this problem but seeing how the current system is just tap and go, others most certainly will if it changes to charge. And if they are hunting for a specific weapon they'll just tap and go missing said weapon if a charge mechanic is added
  4. The issue is that your asking for change on something that will inconvenience others, just how adding the charge mechanic can cause melee combo to be loss, and a similar mechanic will slow down those that are actively farming Liches, or those, just like you, who are used to the muscle memory, and can loss out on getting a lich with the weapon they want thanks to needing to hold instead of tapping
  5. Roughly the same, charged melee was introduced with a tap to use mechanic. After some feedback charge to use was also introduced. After more feedback was provided charge to use was removed leaving only tap to use. Only difference between Charged Melee and here is that with melee you still had both options, whereas here there's only one
  6. Looking at the changes for charged attacks, this for sure won't fix the problem
  7. Maybe you should read the whole post, cause its been shown several times that in game it does state the forma and the weapon will be used during the transfer
  8. Hyro1


    Oh trust me its more than just black, I choose to post black here as an example, most dark colors just stick out really weirdly with this skin, i'll post more example
  9. Hyro1


    Lol of course not, but the levels of dark you can get on here feels a bit much, especially since half of this skin is metal, theres no gloss, no shine, and this is with all colors, even the brighter ones
  10. Why is the ivara skin so darn dark
  11. But the item is clearly labeled as shoulder plate
  12. IDK about you, but i see it clearly says shoulder plate, not set
  13. Why would it have a passive exclusive to ivara, it's not a signature weapon
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