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  1. Its because people don't understand why reworks happen or are needed to begin with, its not if a Frame isn't played as much or as seen as bad, mostly because these are purely subjective or preference based. Its for when a frame is struggling in the current environment of Warframe, or if they were designed to do something, and they do it poorly, or what they're doing doesn't necessarily align with what DE wanted from that frame. Yea some of the frames that got reworked previously were seen as bad or were underplayed, but reworking them didn't change that. Oberon for an example is in a much better place than he was prior to his rework, yet he isn't seen anywhere outside of places where healing in needed, and the player and choose not to play Trinity. Speaking on trinity, because of her existence there are still players out there that think that Oberon is bad or irrelevant and is still in need of another rework. This can apply to pretty much any Warframe that's been rework recently, with a few exceptions like Sayrn, she was already widely seen and played already, reworking her did make her better, but other than nothing much
  2. Cross save is not a thing yet so the questions your asking no other than the Devs have the answers for them
  3. I read the whole thing, still don't see why this is a problem, also if they enemy is CC, why would you just leave and go to another point instead of killing said enemy,
  4. Yes Azima is bad if you use alone, Vauban has the tether and Vortex combine those of you don't wanna wait for armor strip
  5. You can, just drop another Bastille when u turn another to a Vortex
  6. 1st mine is a mini tether, 3rd is another azima alt fire, also how is that garbage
  7. Hard CC, armor strip, damage buff, and nuke are all bad, damn I wish they did better then
  8. ^Pretty much this^ Its meant to gives lore on frames that don't have quests and for future frames as well, all of which are displayed like its a museum/diorama. Not as a record of the history of events in the world
  9. Pretty sure Leverian is only for the frames
  10. Her passive only makes her lighter, that would make her less resistance to staggers, not more, regardless this definitely sounds like a bug
  11. That sound more like a bug since Zephyr doesn't really have anything to counter stagger, other than mods of course
  12. thats prob cause he isnt affected by the stagger from arch guns
  13. Because it fun to use?
  14. Hyro1

    Gauss's fix

    The jump makes it so that you don't slam into a small ledge that goes just above your feet height causing you to stop rushing
  15. For those who don't know Thermal Sunder Combo can now 1 shot lvl 100 bombards, and half the health of lvl 150 bombards
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