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  1. One of these wasn't mention as a bugged, but it got nerfed cause it was OP, and another was doing something that it wasn't designed to do, ergo a bug
  2. People that support not killing a lich must not have had a lich spawn with radiation abilities, or explosive weapons with toxin, those will end a mission in an instant if it's not killed
  3. Basically this, it will add more personality to the liches, and make guessing the requiem more than just a blind throw in the wind
  4. Here's something you can add, make the text on the requiem mods mean something. Either a quote that the lich says, or something in their personality. That way if you want to guess what requiem to use you don't have to do a blind guess and risk leveling your lich. It doesn't have the be an exact quote, but at least something that references to the wording on the mods
  5. Or they could just scrap the remains of the Animo Project, and combine it with Sentient technology to make a proxy that not only learns more about the warframes upon each death, but is also more adaptable during combat
  6. Naw it's working just as described and designed
  7. So now it's working as described and intended, but it's a Nerf, GG then
  8. That was already implemented in the last patch, except from the looks of it it'll take the stronger bonus rather than combining
  9. Don't know about you but I've traded those mods already, you should be able to as well
  10. The Vauban rework was almost great. For starters having Armor stripping on Bastille allows Vauban to effectively take on armored enemies without relying on Corrosive projection. Tesla Banks and Photon Repeater are some of the best augments in the game. Sadly for me that's pretty much where the praise ends for me. From here I'll start listing all of the problems I've seen with Vauban. 1: Tesla Nervos: Its far to slow to actually use, and from what I can see there is no way to mod it to be better. Why is this a problem you ask, simple, for balls that are meant to chase enemies, or follow me around, they are practically useless in that aspect. CC is great, once again Tesla bank is great, especially with the new Bastille. But other than that, its almost never around when you need it, unless you spend more energy to summon them again. To make this a worthwhile ability that doesn't need to be spammed to be useful, speed them up, at least make them close to the base speed, or even modified speed of Vauban. 2: Minelayer, I give a 1/4, a 2/4 of you wanna use insane stats like 269% power strength. On to the criticism: Tether Coil: Its Cheap decent CC, sadly it only grabs 2 people. To make this better, allow the number of people it can grab to scale with Power Strength. Or better yet, have it as a aoe knockdown instead, just so that its not a cheap weaker Vortex, you know give Vauban some variety in his CC. Flechette Orb: Useless. How to make it better, make it do slash damage, in fact any damage type that is a DOT would be great for this thing. Also for the future if you when you do make an Augment for Minelayer let one of the changes on it be Tesla Link, but of course changed to whatever DOT status you decided for this Orb. Speed Pad: Useless, don’t bother to buff it or anything, just get rid of it. Replace it with what you might be asking, simple, a deployable shield. Why you might ask, because Speed Pad is useless for anything but trolling.”But, but you can use it to fling enemies off the map”, while this may be true, how many maps have ledges where enemies can fall, better yet, why have the fall of the map, when you can use literally any other of Vauban abilities to CC, or Kill them. At least as a Shield it increase his survivability, for however long it may last. Overdriver: Literally the Only useful ability in this minelayer, sadly for me personally at least, it gets overshadowed by other problems with Vauban Photon Strike: Oh boy what can I say but except I don’t like it. Why, because its clear that DE wanted this ability to be spammable. Only problem is that 1: It takes forever for it to be fired, not forever, but you can literally kill enemies with anything we have in our arsenal in the time it takes for it to strike 2: Cast time is way to long, leaving you vulnerable to be attacked. Yea you can bullet jump, but just like with Speed pads, not all maps can accommodate this, and on top of this, if you want to use it as a faster pace you need Natural Talent, and with the other Mods you need for Vauban, its kinda tough to add it. And lastly 3: Tesla Bank exists. Now don’t misunderstand I’m not asking for a nerf to Tesla Bank, but rather a buff to Photon Strike, for starters change it from a spammy ability, to a nuke, not like Saryn, but a single spot nuke where it just does a bunch of damage in a single spot Along with the change I suggested you can also change the damage type from Blast to Radiation. Now this change will also require a change to the augment seeing how you wouldn’t want a strong ability like this to be to used with literally no energy cost. For starters it can live a patch of radiation on the ground that will CC enemies even further. Or follow what the current Augment does, but instead of energy cost, have it increase power strength, or range, or have it reduce the cost of the ability, not to zero, but still by a considerable amount so that its worth using. So now we're here, at the end, lets go. Bastille, it works great, same for vortex, no problems here, except for the fact the small bit that it suffers greatly for the fact that the numbers that comes with it are kinda sad. By numbers I pretty much mean the values on the abilities, IE range, armor strip values, duration, and so on. In fact this can be seen all across of Vauban skills, which is probably the reason why Photon Repeater even exist. For starters, why does this skill still cost 100 energy, why does the ability that seems like you want to spam it to be good cost 75 energy. Now I don’t want to sound like I’m attacking someone, or calling them out, but really now with abilities like these that are normally spammed, having the cost so much energy hurts. Now of course you can make a build with Energy Efficiency involved, but when doing that you start to run into another problem that I mention before. Mod availability. Vauban mod space is pretty tight. For starters there’s survivability, if you don’t want to Die as Vauban you’ll of course need survival mods, Vitality/Primed Vigor and of course Adaption. That's 2 mods right there, it is kinda standard for most frames though. Next as of what we have now you’ll need Natural Talent, that's now 3 mods, next you’ll need Power strength, you know to increase the damage values, and armor stripping. Depending on what you want that can be around 1-3 mods, for this will stick with 1. Next is of course efficiency, so we are now up to 5 mods, we are now 5/8 available mod slots. Next is range, once again depending on how much you wants that's about 1-3 mods, and again we’re just gonna stick with 1, so now we're at 6. Next is duration, same as strength and range, so now we’re at 7. Last spot is all up to you, but for me, I prefer more energy. So now were are at 8/8, but wait you say, there's the Exilus slot. Yea, yea, that slot can be used for more movement, or a tiny bit more of whatever you need, like strength, range, or less cast time. Now with the mods I’m using, everything is going to be in the positive, there should be a picture of what that is Now this is the Main problem I have with Vauban, even with good Ideas and stuff for his abilities, or good synergies, we certainly have those now with the rework. Literally none of the values you get when modding can compliment them to make it good. Example: Bastille/Vortex range, yea its cool and all, but at base values its only at 12m to grab enemies, can hold 12 it cost 100 energy, and it only strips amour with a rate of 10% per sec and last for 15 seconds. Now you use the mods I’m using, and with that we get a duration of 23 seconds, range of 14.5m, can hold 17 enemies. 14.5% of armor stripping, and a drain of 70. If you are going for balanced build like this with Vauban everything is not all that great, and If you want to excel with him on any one point of Bastille, say more range, you’ll have to sacrifice a mod spot for it, if you don’t you have to sacrifice power strength, and guess what, when you do that, your amour stripping values drop, and so does the amount you hold, wanna fix that problem, guess what, sacrifice another mod spot, or sacrifice duration, or efficiency, and you keep doing that until your build is either imbalance in one spot, or back the a balanced build where everything excels at nothing. This is what needs to be fixed first and foremost on Vauban, because regards of what you make his abilities do, unless they make him godlike, they aren’t gonna be worth anything. Now for those that didn’t read a thing here’s the TL;DR, Tesla Nervos is good because of augment, but needs to move faster. Remove Speed Pad from Minelayer and replace it with a shield, then buff the other Mines. Make Photon Strike worth using over other abilities and/or weapons. Bastille/Vortex is good, and Vauban's main problem is that his stats suck. I also forgot to mention the ability screen needs another pass on. Not because it looks bad or anything, but because information is missing, I’m sure if you checked the picture I posted you’ll notice an Infinity Symbol in the top right corner, that's an armor bonus that scales off of how many enemies you have in Bastille, only problem is that its not mention anywhere on the skill page. This problem actually exist with a lot of frames, I’m just hoping that someone gets around to adding missing information/interactions with the frames.
  11. Yea that makes sense, the Augment it has makes it use no energy when it hits 5 or more enemies, perfect for use Bastille to Vortex, I just find it a bit concerning when his first ability can out damage his 3rd by a considerably amount
  12. True, but in a few days people that play Vauban, especially with Augments will start to see that Photon Strike is lacking greatly compare to Tesla bank, something like this doesn't really need a few days, or even weeks to realize that this ability needs a buff
  13. Currently I have the power strength at 169%, or 69% if you read it that way, giving Photon Strike 4,225 blast damage. Also the test subject I'm using are corrupted bombards. Without any armor they have around 96,222 health at lvl 150 and 41,772 at lvl 100. As with the tesla bank, doesn't seem like power strength affects it, just range, so most likely the damage being done to them is value of their health
  14. I understand that its less than 24 hours, but this is something that can easily be tested, I've already done it in the simulacrum, I'm just trying to record it to post as feedback in the next few days
  15. With Vauban ability to strip armor you'd think an ability thats a giant space beam would benefit greatly from it, you'd be wrong. With the change of Tesla Grenades to Tesla Nervos, the augments got changed as well. The new Tesla Bank pretty sends all damage u dealt to an enemy as an electric pulse to the surrounding enemies when they die. Kinda useless with armored enemies, but combine that with Bastille and you can pretty much one most enemies. The reason I bring this up is in the title. Even with all enemies stripped of armor Photon Strike still cannot one shot most enemies. Although I did test this out on lvl 100 and 150 enemies, it doesn't change how Tesla bank can out damage Photon strike. Also repelling bastille is useless, why repel enemies when u can Tesla Bank them instead, and if someone in DE reads this, please for the love of RNGesus get rid of the stupid pad
  16. Lol he ain't fodder, some warframe youtubers already got hand on him and are already starting to give a more in depth look, how about you reference those instead of words on paper
  17. *Additive crit bonus allows us more flexibility is the only way when specializing on crit builds, which is extremely helpful on weapons that lack crit chance. Instead of removing it from mod selections, why not just lower the flat crit chance? There we go fixed it for ya
  18. The riven is fine, just remove the impact mod you have and focus on slash/viral or HM/Viral, or HM/Gas for stealth
  19. His resource meter make sense for the theme, he's suppose to be restrainted, relying on other methods of taking down sleeping or removing their weapons, and at the same time without getting hit himself. All of that does wear his restraint down leading him to use more lethal methods. If anything his 3 just needs to be looked out, it has damage reduction, but at the same time it disarms enemies, only problem is that you can realistically use one or the other, and depending on which you decide on the rest of his abilities will suffer
  20. Characters designed to be nukes, are performing well as nukes, wow makes you wonder
  21. Since when did Sentients get but with status effects
  22. Where have you been, Ivara Deluxe is already in the works, and has already hit 3D modeling stage, I wouldn't be surprised if it out with the next main update. Ivara prime, expect that around Christmas or early January since we just got Atlas, and she's next in line
  23. Anyone mind posting the cost of dedicated servers and their upkeep so that their reminded how it likely isn't possible for it to occur. If anything DE should just change how their P2P works, make the players and objective invulnerable until one of them loads in, or pause the game entirely until on of them loads in. Other problems like loss of loot, or being unable to reconnect, those problems won't get fixed even if there are deciated servers, because those aren't problems with the host disconnecting, those are problems with the client being unable to reconnect.
  24. Its because people don't understand why reworks happen or are needed to begin with, its not if a Frame isn't played as much or as seen as bad, mostly because these are purely subjective or preference based. Its for when a frame is struggling in the current environment of Warframe, or if they were designed to do something, and they do it poorly, or what they're doing doesn't necessarily align with what DE wanted from that frame. Yea some of the frames that got reworked previously were seen as bad or were underplayed, but reworking them didn't change that. Oberon for an example is in a much better place than he was prior to his rework, yet he isn't seen anywhere outside of places where healing in needed, and the player and choose not to play Trinity. Speaking on trinity, because of her existence there are still players out there that think that Oberon is bad or irrelevant and is still in need of another rework. This can apply to pretty much any Warframe that's been rework recently, with a few exceptions like Sayrn, she was already widely seen and played already, reworking her did make her better, but other than nothing much
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