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  1. Thanks for the Fixes. Have a great Weekend
  2. What i want: https://imgur.com/a/9Y0fzT3 What i really see: https://imgur.com/a/xuvd2dr Good luck everyone starting ❤️
  3. Thanks for the Fixes, and Bundles ❤️
  4. Thank you, had fun watching TennoCon. ❤️
  5. Any of you ever tried to explain the new players where Baro is? Like really is, not like "This Planet, This Relay", more like where on the Relay. On his visit (28/30-06-2019) i was seeing a lot of questions about how to get to him or where he is exacly. I even tried to show them by joining the party. Maybe it's just me but we need a marker for our Baro Ki'Teer where he is on the Relays.
  6. Tyranq

    Velocitus bullets

    Like in the Title. Someone showed me This and i doubt it is normal (correct me if i'm wrong). It happens then more than 1 bullet from Velocitus hit the ground in the period of seconds.
  7. Thanks for the fixes, also new Monkey King. So Excited ❤️
  8. Thats for the fixes. Waiting for Plague Star ❤️
  9. Buff Wisp, yeet. And fixes, more Yeeets, Thanks ❤️
  10. Wisp has his own walking animation, thats cool. But then you will use or just pull out melee weapon she starts walk "default". Also Tyl Regor on Uranus is acting strange in the last stage of the battle: He's just attacking and teleporting like that, don't know how to describe it:
  11. Świetna inicjatywa. Bardzo mnie cieszy, że widziałem tyle osób. Naprawde świetne, można było normalnie porozmawiać i się pośmiać. Dajcie Upvote'a jeśli się zgadzacie
  12. Nagrody to nagrody. Bardziej chodzi o zjednoczenie graczy, pokazanie nas jako jedności.
  13. Thanks for the patch. That'll come in handy
  14. Toroids, yeey. Also thanks for the fix ❤️
  15. @THeMooN85 W takim przypadku jak mówisz polecałbym odesłać danego delikwenta na wiki lub inne wiarygodne źródła. Wprowadzanie w błąd? każdy może się pomylić. Jeśli jednak osoba robi to notorycznie nie sprawdzając źródeł tylko "Ja wiem lepiej bo.." należy mu to wyjaśnić, jeśli nie posłucha lub co gorsza będzie obrażał, wtedy należy taką osobę zgłosić.
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