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  1. love the nod to the good old "impossible mission" on c64. stay awhile . .
  2. here is an example of the loot dropping to a completely different spot where the thumper actually dies:
  3. i had this occur on multiple times. i was using nekros and did desecrate on the corpse. maybe the desecrate went before the actual loop dropped?
  4. please, please make all the endless missions such that if you decide to leave, you just take yourself out, not the whole team. for example survival. i have to solo the missions now because there is always some dude who just has to leave at 10 minutes
  5. for the arbtriaton in the corpus ice map for interception, i guess its the new drones that block the enemies in their spawns, its amazingly boring, like no action. had a full team quit due to boredom.
  6. on the event: when ever the game randomizes the enemy to be the target that has the pyrus essence, if it happens to hit a nox you will not get the essence, since noxes disintegrate when dying. might be same for other enemy types as well.
  7. not sure if related, started the game, went to nav, changed loadout. could not change from solo mode to public until i started and canceled a mission. has not happened before.
  8. not really related to this update, or any update, and at the same time, related to all of the updates: my pet peeve, when i walk to the news console and hit "x" i get .. the conclave menu! the conclave console, while not even being visible and my dude is looking directly at the news console, will go and steal the focus. happens every time there is an update. is it just me?
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