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  1. Nothing was changed. But when i changed my settings from the mouse buttons to keyboard bindings and then changed the direction in the mouse settings to those 2 buttons i could use them again. Very strange. So now it works but not with the settings i first had and worked 2 days ago.


  2. Done relic farmin on Hieracon on Pluto and Hydron on Sedna and gotten wrong relics on hieracon mission and no relics at hydron.

    On Hieracon we didnt get the same relics that are shown when an extractor is finished as when we extracted from mission. We got totaly other relics.  

    On Hydron we got first run on wave 5 a neo relic and on wave 10 a neo relic and when we extracted we did not get either of them. Second run we got a mod on wave 5 and neo relic on wave 10 and didnt get either of them.



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