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  1. Right and that person using nukeframe is probably thinking "These kids too slow" and rushing through stuff and that's their definition of fun. Besides shooting S#&$ 1 by 1 isn't the point of cotents the nuke frames are used in. But then all the points we're talking about has been covered in recent post so I suggest you take a look there.
  2. Nuking frames are mostly used for efficiency sake. You really don't see them outside Sanctuary runs, relic runs, or any of the exp farming map. Public matching is open for all types of playstyle and efficient speed run is one of them. You can't complain about how others play as long as they're not griefing or trolling others. It's a different story when it's a pre-made, but pub isn't.
  3. I do the statue run every single day, just so I can listen to her laughter. It's great
  4. Raid wasn't too bad untill DE decided to kill that content completely
  5. Tbh you're prob right lol. This ign was given to me by my friends. Which means it's probably pretty accurate lol But jokes aside, I really am finding it hard to get people into Warframe in Asia. The community is just not as active and I do have to resort to 'briberies' lot of the times.
  6. I do But it sure feels better to get prime cont + prime trashes than to get just prime trashes I'm also running out of primed cont and flows to give out to friends I manage to convine to play Warframe
  7. Primed cont and flow are kind of stuff I expected. At least one mod that people can generally agree "this ain't trash". Instead, we get anti-faction mods.
  8. Asia server chat is dead. KR server chat is even worse. People use Q&A chat as their personal diary to talk about stuff no one gives 2 S#&$s about. Like why the hell would I want to listen to you talk about the foursome you had with girls you probably had to pay for them to even look at you. I always use NA server wherever I am, just so I don't have to deal with those tards.
  9. So far what I've figured out is that 1. Tornado does not seem to be considered an allied object. However, the tornados will not directly damage or cc Zephyr 2. When enemies attack Zephyr's tornados and Zephyr happens to be in range of the tornados, the damage gets reflected to Zephyr. Since this is an AOE attack, this damage will cut through turbulance. 3. Zephyr Sad I could be wrong though
  10. If this game wasn't for me I would have just quit. Besides my recent RJ posts, most of my posts are just light(non-serious) complaints. Some of then arn't even complaints. Most people wouldn't quit a game they've been playing for past 5 years for S#&$ like that lol
  11. Seriously? The mods he's been bringing lately has been seriously sub-par. Can we please get some good ones next time?
  12. Well for Arbitration, people leave whenever they want, regardless of your build.
  13. Damn where are y'all meeting all these chatty ppl? Squads I get into are dead silent. Most I get is ty when I rez others
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