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  1. There are a handful of bugs that have happened to this fight since the mainline update released, where starting the fight crashed the game, but an arguably more frustrating bug is now causing issues. The 'Terra Manker' mob (the one that refills arch wing weapon ammo) does not spawn. At all. I did 3 back to back solo runs today (including the last run where assets such as my gear wheel never loaded, and which I'm still stuck in the elevator for 10+ minutes, seen here -> https://imgur.com/a/SqcAndv All three of these runs consisted of me spending the entire 5 minute cool down waiting for the arch wing weapon deployment tool, which added a significant amount of downtime where nothing could be done to speed it up. I left the corpus flags up, I cleared countless waves of mobs, none spawned. Because of this, my 5 daily runs to meet standing cap have gone from a 30-40 minute task into an almost 2+ hour chore, excluding lost runs like the one provided above. Please look into this, and thanks in advance.
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