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  1. I dont remember helminth but I did read up about that. I dont do clan stuff all that much so I dont think ill enjoy railjack all that much. I just did the heart of Demos so Ill probly mess around with Helminth soon. Thanks for your time :D
  2. I actually had no idea about that, the mods look cool thanks
  3. I left a while back and now iv returned and I have a few questions. I never been good at moding my weapons and Im not doing the damage want to do. I thing I missed a melee update so I wanted to ask if there was a new standard for moding Melee, Primary, and Secondary. Like what mods are used for most weapons. Same go's for Warframe's. I cant seam to find a good resource for moding and the like. Also any tips for a returning player would be lovely. Thank you for your time reading this.
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