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  1. As usual nothing really done, we were promised an Arbitration rework when LifeOfRio came to talk to you back in last year, so you're tellin' me you took 4months to get out with a solution to deaths ?! What about the boredom in these Arbitrations, the lack of true challenge, the absolute fustration brought by the drones that are affected by NOTHING *artificial difficulty* (like you always do), what about the rewards, what about the spawn rates and life support issues in survivals (especially when you're solo), what about the extremely long rotations *it feels like an eternity* ?? Yay, you did it, you just also destroyed arch-guns builds with rivens, when will you understand that rivens are just destroying the market, the balance, the builds diversity and our wallets ?? I guess we just had the confirmation that DE doesn't how to : -make a proper endgame, congrats DE, warframe is the only game without endgame for 6 years in a row ! Big yikes, -balance their game, rivens are garbage and everyone knows that, -do interesting new game modes -make interesting rewards ONLY (not just 3 good mods out of 6 for Arbitrations) -keep promises. That's a long list ! You told us 2019 was a year where you would do challeging content and try to introduce an endgame, we are 4 months in 2019 and NOTHING. How about you just let us choose the mission level on EACH node (from base planet level to 150 or 200) and just let us do our thing ? I love warframe, I love this company, but guys it always seem like you want to keep me away, seriously is it too much to take our ideas and put them in the game ? For once for the love of God!!!
  2. Purpose of Rivens? Just an attempt from DE to balance the weapons without touching their stats. I personally dislike rivens from the beginning...
  3. At this point rhe question should be, any plan on removing this new BS void and put the old void instead ? The old void was better on every point...
  4. Why would we need damage rework? WTF...?
  5. And here i am, i waited for DE to change the plains grind before getting into it, aaaahh,this feels sooo good !
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