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  1. You don't need Nightwave to specifically tell you to play with a friend. Now you can play with a friend, a clanmate, in public or solo if you want to. It's your choice. NW forcing us to co-op when we didn't want to or it wasn't possible for us was annoying and this is a great change.
  2. Oh God, Nightwave and its list of chores. Just seeing that again is such a turn off. Worst addition to the game by far. At least remove the Ayatan challenge before season 2. It's pointless to not fill sculptures until Nightwave asks you to. That's not a challenge or an activity or anything. It's just arbitrary and stupid.
  3. Are stuff like lenses gonna be in limited quantities as well? I hope not. Also, shortcut to Darvo via the new syndicate screen would be appreciated. It'd be even better if we can see the deals in our orbiter directly and go to him via the shortcut to buy stuff. I love how all the neglected stuff is getting more attention. I hope that continues!
  4. This. First the Bloodshed sigil and now this. I'm all for supporting DE buy buying plat, boosters and cosmetic bundles but forcing us to buy frames and weapons for one decoration is not cool. Will this be available as a future reward just like the Bloodshed sigil or not?
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