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  1. Greetings. When you join a mission a bit late and spawn in water you cannot exit water if host is already out of water. Ive tried killing myself, unstuck, etc. Nothing. Abort retry and hope I join a team at the same time or recruit or solo.
  2. It was fun for a time, but slow compared to how I play Limbo now. His kit is good as is only thing I dont like is his deluxe skin. :(
  3. Why so fast? Rift walking stroll doodle dandy Limbo and take your time, enjoy the sights and grunts. Once you herd enough, pop a freeeze bubble, kill em all, continue leisurely stroll to extract.
  4. Im cool and chill this dude sounds like a entitled narcissist who might go chucky on his family if they undercook the frozen pizza.
  5. LOL. They dont owe us anything. NOT ONE DAMN THING. No explanations, no excuses, not a word of remorse for "lack of content " sadness. Find something else to do and wait like the rest of us.
  6. He/She placed an articula in the companion area and took screen shot.
  7. It amazes me how people want a game to change its system to appease you and your schedule. Millennial narcissism at its finest. OMG I gotta work/eat/school/pee/helpmomwithlaundry/peemore can you make it easier to get for people with lives? What will I do without this new OP operator suit!! Nerf it nerf it nerf it. Hilarious Clinton.
  8. Facts are not insults. The not so bright do not read or care to learn mechanics of the game. New players have a learning curve. Pleb (not the Roman lower cast) or plebes is a term for new recruits entering war academies. However I did insult the Frost players with big a** bubbles who dont kill anything or take advantage of me using Power Donation. k...thx?
  9. Dear plebs, new players and the generally not so bright. Again with the drones in Cataclysm, go into operator, pew pew destroy, then kill everything in bubble. And Frost for Excavation is horrible if you want to play outside the bubble. No crossfire and its especially annoying when you have self damage weapons and arcane contagion.
  10. Motts is applesauce. Troll game 100.
  11. Art concepts normally come with accompanying imagery. Reading and imagining are one thing, but having something for us to bash, hate and be like "go to art school newb" cannot happen if you dont submit pictures of said concept.
  12. Warframe is a cheese factory for mission clearing. At MR 1 I cleared Motts solo.
  13. I'm just glad I am past that stage of needing stuff or worrying about what to buy or build. I can go thru the game as is thru any content. I have no more desire for farming since they are making it harder to actually be a team in Warframe. For a game that touts itself as co-op but keep nerfing or fkn up synergies between frames, things that are useful and that NO ONE COMPLAINED ABOUT is just plains of eidilon stupid. Dont mind the grind when it was rewarding, now its like actually going to work which CRITICALLY lessens the fun STATUS of the game. When you get the same drops from Level 100 enemies as you do level 20 it tends to make you look elsewhere for involved entertainment.
  14. End Game. MR locked missions and trials with rewards that make low MRs who are good players level up. I have about 50 items in foundry and have not one reason to get them just to level up MR. I been at 24 forever and was at 7 forever until I got a riven that said MR 15. Well that just wouldnt fly. Week later sitting on 15's doorstep but I ran out of nitain and burned out from super grinding. I like difficulty selection. They already do it when there is more than one mission on a node, Nightmare, Sortie, Syndicate etc. I dont see why they cant do it now with a few hundred lines of code.
  15. Now Playing - Herbert the Snail - Patience.mp3
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