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  1. I keep hoping the same way too often around here, but find myself dissapointed every time. People keep finding new ways to get offended.
  2. Keep going guys only 27,000 pages to go for the grand price.
  3. I believe Railjack is the grand-vision of DE and everything is slowly but surely being tied to it wether we like it or not. So, I think you can very well expect a lot of it in the future. One can only hope its fun some day.
  4. Ignore the previous guy. Its all a conspiracy of the highest order. Ever heard of the theory that everything is slowly evolving into crabs? Well, in warframe everything is slowly evolving into excaliburs. The hairloss is the first symptom.
  5. Yeah, I also have maxed Voidrig and Ive had to resort to spamming his cannons many times because the enemies just spawn right under the grineer... And since the pods dont seem to count, its slooooow.
  6. Yes this is very annoying thing that I didnt even know of until this halloween, and Ive also done these a lot since its release. Its the most insufferable on Garv mission where youll have to wait for the pods to open but if you do the aimbotting grineer will insta-gib them sometimes (and sometimes they are totally missing them). Easiest solution would be to make the spawn pods indestructible, but like you said there's also not enough spawns to begin with which was actually a big complaint since beginning. I feel like they dont really listen to community on these bounties, look at Latrox too hes bounty got changed like 5 times for the worse before it finally got slightly better, but the drone he has now still wanders off on his own instead of staying by Latrox which I assume it should do being a shield drone.
  7. What the heck hahaha, why? Pretty much everyone seem to hate K-Drives and to make it worse you can go backwards in standing 😂
  8. I always wondered why they dont put caches and other things in the survival gamemodes where people actually have tons of time to look for things and dont have to worry about other people extracting too soon?
  9. Hes playing the wrong kind of game if exploring is what he wants to do lol. Unless hes very new, hes bound to have seen everything a million times already after having to grind whatever on same maps over and over. Ive never liked procedually generated or tiled maps, the idea is "they are always different" but actually they end up looking all the same very quickly. I would much rather have hand-grafted unique maps than tilesets at this point.
  10. A thread from the past! But I must say Lust is probably Wisp nowdays, with everyone lusting over her assets.
  11. First of all, very cool ideas, but I really hope they overhaul and fix all other open worlds before they make a new one. Too many bugged bounties. And they REALLY need to give up on forcing minigames down our throats in form of fishing, mining and conservation. Keep them optional for people who actually enjoy them, and not tie them to faction progress like in Deimos.... I really liked the look and feel of Deimos, just not the mini-games and rushed bounties that are still not working properly to this day. Not to mention Plains bounties which have been broken or otherwise flawed for much longer.
  12. Man, even the forums here aren't safe anymore. Reminds me of all those "gaming sites" with headlines like "New War release date, trailers and more!" and after youve read about 2 pages of nonsense filled with adds they say "So when is the release date? Nobody knows, theres not even a trailer yet." Im just waiting for adds to play when my alarm goes off in the morning, not letting me turn off the alarm until the add is done playing.
  13. Its because everyone's in the Granum Void trying to get the last Tenet weapon RNG gods refuse to give. After that, its time to farm 5000 forma for them.
  14. Maybe we have to get as many pages on this thread as on the "last post wins" thread over at off-topic to make devs acknowledge this.
  15. If you mean letting us complete the NW task on any open world, then YES PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY! Then I can finally ignore those boring tracking missions and just catch the things outstraight on Deimos saving so much of my nerves.
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