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  1. Enemies sometimes spawn very far away from the objective area, slowing down the objective considerably. Im at the edge of the objective area, enemies didnt spawn within it at all during the whole time and around 20 enemies killed (outside the ring) there was a few minutes pause of no enemies visible anywhere until it marked this bunch over 900 meters away.
  2. Its gonna be a nightmare when/if they decide to do something. I feel like Limbos abilities should be changed quite dramatically to "fix" him, but hes such a popular frame its gonna piss off a lot of people if they do it. Which is probably why hes still the way he is dispite hearing complaints on regular basis. It would help though if banished enemies and allies had more clear visual effect on them to tell for sure they are in another plane of existance. Sometimes I dont even notice I got banished in the middle of a fight, and even harder to tell for enemies.
  3. Xaku does not need that much energy. The way you need to play him is cast grasp of lohk, then immendiately his 4th and go full stickman mode. This means your grapped guns stay on technically forever if you just recast your 4th every time. Same if you want to use gaze, theyll stay on as well, no need to recast. I have only base energy, no flow, and never run out this way. And personally I dont have problems surviving but I guess it depends how you play. If I lose shields I usually dash around in operator mode to get out of trouble and as bonus I have the healing arcane too.
  4. Haha thats like saying my favourite food is pizza but I never eat it XD, I just like the idea of pizza. But yeah, one thing Id like it to do is explosion on both ends. I believe right now it explodes (or implodes) at the end of the duration before you start rewinding but I wish it would do it in the origin position as well so I can kinda plan ahead that when I leave this spot its gonna get swarmed so when I rewind I would then go boom here and maybe even kill something. But admittedly thats kinda boring, theres so much more you could do with the idea of time manipulation.
  5. Yeah Xaku is great but as the above guy said you misunderstood some of the abilities and how they work. Gaze indeed can remove all defenses from the enemies inside the ring at 200 str so I would suggest the same, go 200 str and some range and you are set since 4th stops ability timers. I dont much use Deny either myself, it seems useless considering your guns from Grasp of Lohk will kill everything really quickly. Accuse might be of use somewhere but again why if I can just outright melt them in seconds. Ive done sorties, arbies and some Steel Path too with him and he can survive ve
  6. Yep theres many threads complaining about this bounty, and Reb already replied to one of them saying they will look into improving it further. The overall spawnrate of enemies in deimos is way too low to begin with, maybe they are afraid of performance issues? Theres like one group of enemies active at a time sometimes... I wonder if its bugged actually because sometimes the bounties mark enemies to kill 900 meters away from the objective so maybe those weird spawns are preventing more enemies from spawning in the actual objective zone thus slowing things down. I have a screenshot of thi
  7. I really dont get what people are complaining about... The Helminth system is good even if it had no damage abilities... if theres an ability I dont like on a warframe, be it good or not, I can just replace it with something more useful to me and theres quite a few DIFFERENT abilities to choose from. Even simple Infested Mobility would be good enough for me, at least movement speed is SOMETHING compared to an ability I never use. Theres also a lot of combos to be made or niche builds that maybe arent useful everywhere but can really make an impact in certain missions or builds. Like for exampl
  8. Grendel does need some tweaking overall, Ive been trying to make him viable because I usually find something good about all warframes, but while grendel is tanky he is very clunky to use. I need to eat to use abilities but anything more than a few enemies will drain energy too fast even with Rage on. So I felt like I wasnt really doing anything helpful, just messing around sometimes eating things sometimes puking them out... Basically his 4th is quite useless in any serious gameplay, his 3rd (puking) feels more like any other warframes first ability similar to shock or fireball so pretty
  9. But now you made him read wiki entry and ruined his day. Seriously though, I use the wiki daily, in fact if I had my second screen plugged I would keep it open the whole time. Theres so much stuff in warframe its near impossible to go through it all without the wiki. Also every time I mod warframes I look through their abilities in wiki first because the game doesnt explain them like at all which I guess isnt good but on the other hand they cant really put 10 pages of details in there unless maybe inside the codex. I understand not wanting to use wiki if you are playing like
  10. Oh come on. Considering hunting for your larva is literally this: 1. Go to cassini 2. Speedrun the objective so the larva spawns 3. Kill it, see its wrong weapon, abort mission (or run to exit) 4. Repeat 30-50 times depending on RNG Thats absolutely ridiculous gameplay, in fact I wouldnt even call it gameplay since Im literally ignoring everything I can to get to it and personally always aborting if its wrong. So Im spending almost the same time staring loading screen as Im doing the mission... Be it 1% or 50% its still not fun and is putting A LOT of peo
  11. Doesnt make the current system good though. I fully agree with OP, Im missing only ONE kuva weapon for mastery, and its Kraken which I dont even want to use, so doing 50 cassini runs for that is just crazy. I started doing it so that if I dont get Kraken in less than say 10 runs I take the next "popular" wep and just hope I can valence it or sell for decent plat... They REALLY need a way of letting players choose the weapon or at least seriously narrow down the options like you suggested. Imagine if they add more kuva weps in the future, its gonna make it even worse if theres no ch
  12. It seems to me that Im doing nothing but kill Juggulus enemies all the time (the immobile sausage sticking from the ground). As soon as Ive chopped down one cluster of 3, two more pops up somewhere else. Its like a hydra or something. Considering that the spawns in Deimos seem to be very low during the bounties already, I feel like having so many Juggulus popping out of the ground like mushrooms during a rain just takes space and time from any other enemy types. My suggestion would be slightly decreasing Juggulus spawns and increasing the amount of "normal" enemies instead, this wou
  13. Yeah the drone is extremely weak, Ive started using limbo just for this stage so I can just banish the drone. I do like challenging missions but I think normal bounties and their bonus objectived should be possible with ANY frames. For Steel Path bounty I wouldnt mind even if the objectives required specific frames and were harder in general though.
  14. So it seems Garv and his buddies are affected by warframe buffs making them stronger, thus making the bounty (bonus) harder if not impossible to complete. For example Rhino Roar, you can see the visual effect on them and they suddenly start getting like 10% increases at a time, presumably the flamer just melts everything that spawns instantly when the damage is buffed. Just now they got up to 70% while Tenno had only like 20% dispite all players trying to kill enemies, and once Roars effects wore out they slowed down and we barely caught up. Im assuming this is not intented, even tho
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