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  1. That is looking pretty awesome. I am looking forward to seeing you show it off on your YouTube channel.
  2. These were printed on an AnetA8, Finished with sanding, too much needle-file work. Painted with acrylic with no read attempt to copy an existing skin. They make for a nice desk toy.
  3. This is a quick proof of concept for Nakak's Grineer mask that I am making for someone for TennoCon The model was done by Airhead1st. I decimated the high-rez mesh down to 100k polys (from 4 million) and then sliced with cura, and printed with PLA on an Anet A8 Tissue paper and glue for texture and a quick test paint. 9 hours to print 1 hour finishing, 1 hour texture and paint. EDIT: more paint, and weathering. I like how it turned out.
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