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  1. Yeah so I'm not really a frequent person on threads so when I saw "Conclave" as a subject line I went on ahead without seeing the Feedback heading on it. So that's on me. But, concerning the audience of my series, I again have already clarified that this is intended for all audiences. Platform isn't an issue when it comes to viewers. I mean, how could one be so petty as to restrict their viewing audience like that? Ay any rate I'll look into moving this post but kindly not jump to conclusions next time.
  2. Did you bother to read the first bit before saying this? This is a talk show pitch intended to really discuss Conclave and all its good points and problems. Reference to my YouTube is purely to tell you where to FIND the series once it takes off. Also, since I'm on PS4 and lack the hardware to connect to/include other platforms in this idea, talk show takes place on PS4, but anyone can watch it obviously. Conclave is a concern to all platforms so it doesn't matter from where I'm broadcasting the show.
  3. Have you at all been interested in the betterment and promotion of Conclave? A veteran perhaps with tips for new players or wanna discuss the old and new eras of the mode? I'm Hachiro-20, The Kamas God of PS4, and today I'm officially announcing the development of the Conclave talk show Beyond The Surface for all PS4 players who are interested. We'll have pre-recorded discussions in chat parties about all manner of Conclave and non-Conclave related issues, all for good fun and to give attention to PvP in Warframe. Uploads will go to my channel, The Kamas God. If you aren't a friend of mine on
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