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  1. Newsflash: there's no difference between stick scythe and real scythe, stick polearm and real polearm, stick heavy and real heavy, stick sord and real sord, they use same goddamn stances. Exodias barely matter, the are mostly terrible, few good require speshial trigger for time normal person just bullet jumps and kills the enemy. The exact damn same for every weapon archetype. "yeah you think x ar is better but i prefer y ar because crits and they all shoot the same". Only stats matter in this game and by trying to push objectively inferior weapon you just show how much you want to boost your ego
  2. Yeah but you don't do that, when player asks: what are my abilities, your answer is "heres breating fire dragon, and some icons with some text that maybe means something I dunno, what do want now?" You also fail to realize those two feedback types arent pulling you in separate directions at all, problem of old "spreadsheet" overwhelmingess is not that it tell you too much, is that it tells you something you have no idea what it is. You can have pure ability stat blocks at mod menu because when modding player already should know what does it do. When a player asks you about abilities show them what do they do, not how does his warframe looks, Main failure of old UI is that it didn't explain S#&$, why does elemental ward have heal stat? why does effigy have credit multipier? Nobody knows, you didn't explain anything!. And now new players are getting owerwhelmed with blank screens that force them to play Wheres Waldo to see what they want. As for avionics vs mods, I'd rather have colorful mods than meshed together avionics with abstract icons that tell jack S#&$ with tiny shapes you need to look specifically for to have some kind of idea how strong it is but that may still be a lie
  3. And now all the primes are worse on release because lower dispo Good job DE!
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