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  1. Yep, randomly completing a sabotage, this jerk joins, grabs the datamass, runs away from me in the opposite direction of the objective and disconnects taking the Datamass with him. didn't even kill one guy, just took it and left.
  2. I updated the game after the hotfix, my Wolf Howl* doesn't work anymore :c sad days Nevermind, i just can't use it on Mesa? but I can use it on atlas weird. Nevermind again.. I cant use it on any of my frames except Atlas
  3. I specifically use Loki for animal captures because he has an augment that silences his weapons 100%
  4. Dig the skin, but is there anywhere I can go to look specifically at the syandana? Edit, Nevermind found it. I like the skin but not too impressed with the syandana sadly :c but I do love the sparring skin
  5. This seems to be happening a lot. Please help DE, please QQ I think it seems to always happen when a lockdown happens during the period that a player is going through a door, almost always the host currently happened 3 more times since I left this message originally
  6. When I started we didn't have "earth" we had space, everything was on a ship, we fought with machineguns and knives and we had a handful of stat mods and we were #*!%ing happy. and you know what, WE didn't have a ship, we had meditating in space, and we were HAPPY. These new players are entitled. I believe the content should be match it's planet progression. Venus shouldn't be MUCH more difficult than earth, but this is END-GAME *venus*, like plains is END-GAME *earth*. If the Fortuna update is easier than any mission on venus, you're doing it wrong Balance team. That's my opinion on balancing this update. As for "pros" vs "casuals" or "newbies" vs "veterans" All our voices are important as we all are part of the playerbase and immediately going for the damage nerf because new players can't handle it, it showing some favoritism. At least give the playerbase a while to adjust and see if the damage they do is REALLY where the difficulty is coming from. Developers in ALL games are too quick to nerf damage when that may not even be from where the true problem lies. It could be # of enemies, resistances, occurrence, damage type because warframes DO have weaknesses to certain types of damages. It could be because of a specific enemy or the terrain aiding in the enemy's assaults. There are a myriad of reasons it could be difficult that AREN'T controlled by damage.
  7. We wait for the free roam orokin areas, or free roam infested Eris areas. Where the default enemy level on base free roam is level 80~120. DE will eventually do something that directly benefits their veteran players. Like.. bring back the raid maybe? 🙂 please
  8. If you're "new" and you're rushing to Fortuna, you're doing the game wrong. But I'll repeat my earlier comment, difficulty shouldn't come entirely from damage/resistance/health integers. It should come from tactics, planning, a proper application of CC and surprise and objective control and many other aspects. So the nerf to enemies shouldn't be feared, but it shouldn't be the DEFAULT balancing idea there is far more that could be making the game difficult. But if you tune your content for "new players" you're forgetting new players that aren't idiots and rush the new content in an MMOstyle game(seriously who does this), the new players that finished their beginner missions and have decent mods and frames, moderate to lategame players who have good mods and builds and frames and weapons, to the players like myself that have been playing since 2013 with optimized builds and 5times forma'd gear and face challenges only when solo on a frame we're not familiar with and the enemy are level 200 with a modifier that benefits them. Even if they NEED to weaken the content, or buff the droprates or change things for balancing, I would hope they wait at least a few days if it's only new players that are experiencing problems with the balance. 1. Address the problem 2. set a date and 3. see how YOUR ENTIRE vocal playerbase views the balance. Give your vets a couple days to enjoy it. that's only fair.
  9. My problem with the "difficulty" of their "visibility" is that it's not that it's DIFFICULT to see, they're literally impossible to see if you're at a certain angle or elevation above or below the footprints. they appear like magic when you move closer OR further away depending on your position compared to the footprints. It seems more like a glitch than "difficulty"
  10. You want some real difficulty? Shove the entirety of a Coildrive INTO ANOTHER Coildrive you're trying to protect, and can do nothing about it before it chunks your objective due to it spawning inside it.
  11. There's a percentage of the playerbase that feels super pro because they haven't died in a long time so the second they die in a part of the game, they blame the game and complain in unison with no math or factors or explanation behind it and DE goes and nerfs it.
  12. Implying twelve year olds want to "try hard" on anything. Most youngsters enjoy things when they're exceptionally easy. I enjoy difficulty when it comes from the right things. I don't want "difficulty" to come from damage/HP/resistance integers. I want it to come from requiring tactics, proper builds and coordination.
  13. Personally as a Vet, I can understand why DE nerfed the enemies for the sake of newer players. But as a veteran gamer in general, I understand TRUE difficulty doesn't entirely come from some damage integers. It comes from AI, planning, strategy, Crowd Control, surprise elements, coordination and taking advantage of weaknesses. Removing some damage won't change the fact that with the right combination of enemies you're straight ruined in a fight when caught with your pants down. ...Personally I wish they would move those enemies that are immune to warframe skill damage and make enemies around them immune to damage period should be an enemy we get to see more in other missions, I find them to be awesome.
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