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  1. It doesn't sounds like you actually logged in though? If you didn't I don't think that's "working" 😉 But I guess it depends what you meant by "first screen"...
  2. I highly recommend going full ergo. Switch to an ergonomic keyboard, switch your mouse hand to your left hand (maybe even a vertical mouse), and make sure you stand up and stretch periodically. I have some wrist braces I use while I type at work all day, and it's amazing how much better my wrists feel. Also paying attention to your posture. Get some lumbar support in your sitting situation, even if it's just sitting up straight with a pillow at the base of your back. It's amazing how the stuff you do for the rest of the day can be what's impacting you most while you game. Conversely, if you just let it get worse...well trust me, it gets so bad you'll be thinking about giving up gaming entirely. Good luck!
  3. Can't get past the screen where my Warframe is kneeling right before you login. Tells me "Login failed. Check your info." 2019. in the lower left corner. I've tried restarting entirely, but no dice. Sad that I probably won't be able to get my daily login today :(, hope it gets fixed soon since inability to login is one of the bigger bugs. 🙂
  4. This doesn't look to be completely fixed; I had actually never experienced this until this patch, and even now I've only experienced it once. My drone got stuck on the edge of a mini-cliff about 2 or 3 Warframes high; it just floated at the top of the overhang and turned left and right rotating in place, trying to move on (perhaps down off the cliff?) but being unable to. I eventually fixed it by running really far away and then going back, which I'm guessing unloaded some of the details of the level geometry. Hope this helps!
  5. I am absolutely loving Wisp's abilities; a little bit of stealth, the ability to lay traps (that look like they'll be more effective than Vaughban's?), and a big solar laser? Sounds fun! Really looking forward to giving her a try. I had a hard time understanding her first ability, but hopefully once I can try it out with the new in-game ability Tips screen, it will make sense. It was also really interesting to hear some thoughts from the inner circle regarding the "imbalance" of Itzal vs Archwings vs K-Drives. I can't say myself that I know the right answer to this problem, but I agree it's a problem and am looking forward to seeing how all of this goes. If I'm in a group, I usually feel bad when I take out my K-Drive to get somewhere, because everyone else is usually Itzal-porting their way there 10 times as fast. But I also like K-Drives and want to use them in my natural gameplay. It's a tricky problem.
  6. Thanks for the great work on this melee update. Overall, I'm loving it. Here's my feedback: LOVE — Being able to do melee combos or shoot on a dime, naturally, without switching "modes". LOVE — The aimed slam attack feels so good. I find myself doing slam attacks much more often now that I can aim them a bit, rather than needing enemies to be right under me already. A bit frustrated by — Auto-Block. Often I'll be mid-melee (or at least mashing the melee button?) and instead of attacking, I'll block an attack and then sit there blocking for a bit while unable to do anything else. I notice this happening the most often with Grineer Heavy Gunner's fist slam attack. If that attack hit me, it would knock me down, so blocking at least protects me a bit from damage, but basically makes me unable to act for about as long as getting knocked down would. It doesn't feel like much of a gain. (also, I believe if I was doing a melee attack with "momentum" like the Broken Bull combo I would not be knocked down, so in that case blocking is definitely not what I want) I think it also feels worse because if a heavy gunner knocks me down, ouch, they did a bad thing, maybe I should do something to avoid that in the future. But when my Warframe auto-blocks, it feels like I'm fighting against my own body. I don't want to block, I want to attack. If I decide that I don't want to attack because I'd rather not risk getting knocked down, please trust me to make that choice myself. The real issue here is my own auto-blocking incapacitating me. If it was just an instantaneous parry and I could immediately keep attacking, that would probably feel much better. Honestly, part of me is just like, "do we need blocking"? But I'm guessing it's important to some players. I wouldn't miss it if it were gone, though. Hoping for — The ability to throw Glaives like in dual wield mode. I'm guessing that's not at the top of anyone's priority list, but now that we can mix melee and shooting with any weapons, the lone benefit of dual-wield mode seems to be it's more responsive, better-feeling glaive throw. Adding this to the normal melee so it could be used with dual pistols and primaries might lead to some fun possibilities and more glaive use. Not a priority, but something I'm hoping to see down the road!
  7. First, that word is a slur in the trans community, full stop. Its origin is as a slur and it continues to be used as a slur by those outside the community. And even if there were some theoretical trans person who didn't see it as a slur (which is improbable at best), that wouldn't change the reality that it's being used as a slur and the overwhelming majority of the trans community experiences it as a slur. It is already 100% negative, so there's no ground to lose. If you're worried about people get banned for just saying something like, "I'm going to go trap a Pobber", that's a legitimate worry. But if they're using the slur version of the word, there's not much to be worried about. Ignorance isn't a shield. Just don't say slurs. Don't know if something's a slur? Look it up before saying it; this is not a big ask. And in this case, you don't have to worry about ignorance, this reply from the player who said the slur suggests that they knew exactly what they were saying: (For those playing at home, could you find the dog whistle?) So it's not that they didn't know, it's that they didn't agree and wanted to say it anyway, and then they got upset when they had to face the repercussions of their actions. And really, worrying about whether people are banned when they say a slur is focusing on the lesser part of the issue. Slurs are a bannable offense because they're harmful to trans people. That's where our primary concern goes, and it's rightfully where DE's concern goes. Perhaps it's simply an unfortunate oversight, but it seems telling that your post doesn't make any mention of concern or care for the overwhelming majority of trans people negatively affected by the use of slurs. Anyway, if the folks in this thread want to mimic "Old Man Yells at Cloud" and try to debate DE into believing up is down, I suppose that's your time to spend and your life to lead. But everyone sees through this, especially DE's moderators who are literally paid to be smarter than to fall for that kind of bad-faith trolling. Some people in this thread are complaining about how DE doesn't reply, and maybe somewhere in this thread there are some good things worth replying to. But when it comes to this kind of stuff, it all boils down to: I want to say a slur, and I'm upset that there will be consequences if I do. And that's not worthy of a reply from people who actually have valuable work to do. Ciao! ❤️
  8. Hi Jitsuryoku, I'm not a moderator but I can add some context to this for you. The "meme" you are referring to contains a slur for trans people. So it's not that you were banned for doing something that has to do with memes, it's that there was a slur in your meme, which means you used a slur. It sounds like using a slur in any form is against the ToS, which seems pretty reasonable and mirrors the policy of many other games and websites. That said, I'm sorry that this is how you had to learn it was a slur. The school of hard knocks sucks, and it's not something I would wish on anybody. Since I'm just a player, I can't do anything about DE's ban's or their policy, but I hope that my explanation helps you avoid getting banned or moderated going forward. Take care!
  9. To offer a different perspective, you certainly did have to work harder than players will in the future to get these rewards, but you also got to user them more than a year earlier than those other players did. It's not unlike buying a game for full price at release, instead of waiting a year to play it so you can save some cash. Also, not sure why you want other players to "suffer"? When something makes me suffer, I don't want to have to go through it myself, and I don't want others to have to go through it as well. Surely less suffering makes the game better, right?
  10. Thank goodness! I'm one of the players who, despite playing this game for an unreasonable number of hours each week, has always seen the grind for Cetus Arcanes to be ridiculous. Frankly, it meant that beyond earning enough rep and supplies for my Amp, I was done with Eidolons and the Quills. But then Fortuna came, and I felt like I was actually capable of making cool things without farming for 6 different kinds of rare materials...just so I could make 1 of 10 arcane pieces to get the final arcane I actually wanted. I never had any Arcanes before Fortuna, and having them is neat, so it's great that these are becoming more accessible. Now I'm looking forward to going back to Earth and exploring the content that didn't seem worth the rewards at the time. It's really great that all the improvements Fortuna brought are making their way back to the Plains. Bravo!
  11. So players who pay Platinum for Hildryn get her a full week earlier than anyone can even start the process of earning her in-game? In all the years I've played Warframe, when gameplay-affecting "items" have been released in the game, players have always had two options: buy it and get it right now, or start working towards it and eventually earn it. This is unprecedented because right now, Hildryn can only be purchased. So right now we've got a "pay-to-win" mechanic that players are supposed to be cool with because it will only be "pay-to-win" for a week. One of the main reasons that I see people championing Warframe as a model of what free-to-play can be is that through iteration and trial-and-error, Warframe's devs have found a monetization scheme that both players and developers feel is very fair. Hildryn's time-limited exclusivity is something that feels like it moves further from that fairness. I really hope that this has been changed by the time this update reaches consoles, or at the very least that nothing like this happens again. There's such a significant difference between these two things: downloading the update, seeing other people playing with the new Warframe, but immediately being able to start working towards having it yourself downloading the update, seeing other people playing with the new Warframe, and if you want it the only way to get it is to pay for it And that's the experience that people are going to have for a week. (also hopefully it's clear I'm using "pay-to-win" to describe the monetization mechanic, not suggesting that Hildryn is actually a win button)
  12. I have mixed feelings about this system. Fancy long-term rewards: cool! Something new for all players to work towards. The normal alert rewards now take so much more effort to get. I've put in hours of work this week so far, exclusively focusing on many of the "challenge" tasks even though they aren't things I would normally do. I think when I finish everything, including beating a Hydrolyst and begging my spouse (my only game friend) to suffer through a Sortie with me (I love them, she don't), I'll have finally earned enough Wolf Creds to get one Dark Dagger blueprint. Compared to alerts, the loot-per-effort ratio has plummeted, and it seems like new players will feel this the most, because they have the least ability to defeat the Nightwave Challenges. Sure, you can choose what you get, but now you'll be getting one thing instead of 30; that only benefits old-timers (and even then, considering how much more sustained work you need to do, it might be preferable to just do fun things you like until the day when the item you actually want finally pops up, rather than doing 30 times the grinding just to get it "faster"). Based on the amount of points you can earn via challenges right now, it looks like you can get about 4 ranks per week. With 30 ranks, that's 7.5 weeks to get all the rewards if you do everything. I would estimate that your average player might need roughly twice that much time if they have work, school, family, or just don't want to burn themselves out. But the question is, how many weeks do we have? Based on the PS4 event, it looks like we only have 4 weeks...which is half as many as we'd need if we did every single challenge. Now, that being the case, I'm sure DE has some plans to roll out some other ways to get these points as the month progresses. But here's the thing: right now, players don't have enough information to know how much leeway they have, which means they don't have enough information to plan and pace themselves. Everyone is going to feel like they need to get every last challenge point, whether it's healthy for us (and our enjoyment of the game) or not. Because if you don't, you will miss your chance to get rewards that you can't get any other way. In the past there have been other limited time events, but (in my experience) they haven't required such a sustained grind. I'm guessing players can make an effort to play Warframe more than normal for a week, maybe even 2, so they can get cool event stuff, and that probably won't burn them out. Or maybe it does burn them out a little, but then they can take a short break. But can they push themselves to play more than they want and to do content they don't want to for 1 month without burning out? I don't think so. Maybe you designed the system so there's plenty of leeway, but if nobody can see that leeway, it doesn't stop players from burning themselves out. I'm hoping you'll come out and say something like, "Hey Tenno, if you do half of the challenges every week, you'll have no problem getting to rank 30." Then people can pace themselves. Then these "macro goals" can actually overlap other goals players have, instead of just becoming their own individual goals like any other. So please, give us more details. I know I'm not the most compulsive "gotta catch them all" player, and I'm already feeling stressed about this event. I'm genuinely a bit worried about those who have it worse off. Anyway, overall I think the fundamental system itself is solid, but I think the numbers need to be tweaked, and there needs to be more transparency. Thanks for hearing my feedback!
  13. I know this won't be available to show on the stream, but as long as melee is being worked on, would you consider adding an accessibility option so that users who have trouble repeatedly pressing buttons can just hold the melee button? It wouldn't have to be able to do all the combos, but something is better than nothing! ❤️
  14. Worth noting that Miyamoto said this around the time that the Nintendo 64 was released, well before patches and content updates became a reality. So these words don't really hold up to the way games are created and shipped nowadays.
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