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  1. Don't have Iron Skin, get shot a few times, then turn on Iron Skin. There will be a period where you have both.
  2. When you typed this, your entire post lost all credibility. I don't doubt that you might actually believe this yourself, but if you took an honest minute to introspect, you would see through it, just like the rest of us.
  3. I just feel so tired. Hoping the weekend will get me back on my feet.
  4. They are coming from every possible angle you could imagine. There is no commonly accepted definition of "balance" or "high-level" in Warframe.
  5. For seasoned players, Warframe tends to be easy enough that they can choose to play with mostly whatever they want. Optimizing beyond a certain point doesn't add anything, but rather serves to only diminish the experience.
  6. This bug has been fixed but: Original thread for details:
  7. Wait, are you telling me I can literally swap the order of my existing loadouts? Because for years I've been "Swapping" my loadouts by manually changing every single mod in them. Regardless, it would be nice to be able to swap the order of Helminth loadouts; if I decide I prefer loadout B and want it to be my "default", it sucks that there's literally no way to change that without spending resources.
  8. Making an Augment that literally only works if the player is already using a specific build is a bad idea. Beyond that, Nova already has an Augment that speeds up allies, so this is redundant.
  9. (PSN)Unstar


    I'm not talking about what you did or didn't quote. Nor am I talking about the additional information that I chose to provide later to offer additional detail and clarify my point. What I am talking about is that you invoked a fallacy with the format "A therefore B" and that my original post contained "A" and "B" but not "A therefore B", hence my description of "half-filled". Regardless, I'm not interested in arguing about this, so I'll simply hope this clears things up and wish you a nice weekend <3
  10. (PSN)Unstar


    I feel like that's both true but also not the whole truth, since of the words I did provide you chose to ignore the bulk of my post and cherry-picked one part of it to shoehorn it into a fallacy that it only half-filled. But regardless, I'm glad that we've overcome our previous bump in communication.
  11. (PSN)Unstar


    That seems like a warped and cherry-picked interpretation of my post, though. My primary argument is that the game is great without this balance, and that I wouldn't expect the introduction of elemental balance to be too meaningful. The reason I bring up the extreme difficulty of creating balance is that it informs the amount of effort that DE would need to exert to create and maintain this balance, which in my view colors elemental balance as "high effort low reward". That being the case, I'm proposing that, given DE's limited resources, other problems in the game, and the need for additio
  12. (PSN)Unstar


    Thanks for teaching me about this fallacy, it was a cool read. But honestly, I'm not sure if it applies here? If it does, perhaps you could explain to me why. Because the purpose of this individual post seems to be to get Gas to a place where it is more balanced, with Gas being the specific subject of the post because the author views it as the weakest (and hence in the most need of balancing). I don't think it's an unsafe assumption to interpret that the author isn't advocating for this just because they have isolated Gas from the rest of the meta and want to strengthen it and it alone, b
  13. (PSN)Unstar


    Honestly, I used to care about elements being "balanced", because ideally each choice in a game should be viable. But over time, I've stepped back and realized it doesn't matter. It's something I want to see solved, but it doesn't need to be solved. And in terms of things I'd like to see addressed in Warframe, this is one I can definitely live without. There will always be something that is stronger than something else, or in the case of Gas, something that has fewer use cases. If Gas isn't optimal for your use case, don't use it. We're not going to arrive at a point where every elem
  14. Do ska and give us all skanking emotes. I'm just kidding, please don't. Or do?
  15. This is a semantic nitpick just to make sure the idea is communicated clearly, but if Corrupt Charge is equipped, your combo will never fall below 30; it's only combo above 30 that will be lost if you don't keep hitting enemies with your now-reduced combo duration. Because of this, as long as an ability cost below 30 combo units, you'd never have to stop casting it.
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