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  1. As far as I'm aware, it doesn't even get into Fair Use because it's not part of any commercial endeavor. Just like how nobody who cosplays or makes a Halloween costume has to worry about getting sued. Copyrights and trademarks can't legally prevent you from drawing Excalibur fan art, making your own custom Excalibur shirt, etc. Things that are for personal use are exempt.
  2. This probably isn't the best example because you had best believe that if you wear a shirt like that in most settings, people are going to have an issue, and depending on where you are located it may even be illegal due to laws around hate speech. But you are correct that it wouldn't be copyright/trademark/etc infringement. But Apoleon_amarr's general sentiment is correct. Creating art or apparel for your own personal, non-commercial use is always fine; it doesn't violate any IP laws and it's also free advertising.
  3. My tips to make this fight easier: Don't be worried about falling off. There is no downside to falling off, you even get a free platform when you do. The more you concern yourself with not falling, the less effective you will be. Bring a Warframe with shields (not Inaros, not Nidus). Your shield gate will protect you from dying in one shot. Due to travel time when you throw crystals, try to be very close to the floating glass prisons when you throw at them. I like to be gliding towards them when I throw. Also, I haven't tried this, but I'm guessing you can make yoursel
  4. It really depends on what you're doing though. There are plenty of enemies that are weak or resistant to certain damage types, have armor or shields, as well as enemies that are immune to various status procs, and that will significantly affect lend advantages and disadvantages to certain builds and weapons. Rather than focusing on a single enemy that has the largest EHP, I would recommend creating a short list of high tier enemies that possess different traits you want to test against. For example, you could have a unit with high armor, a unit with high shields, and a sentient. In my
  5. If you just want to know who has the highest EHP for the trivia of it, that's fine. BUT I'm guessing you have some sort of practical application of how you want to use this information. And given how inconsistent and complex Warframe is, you might receive answers that would be more helpful to you if you provided context about why you want it. For example, if you're wanting to verify that your weapons are up to par and can take out the "strongest" enemy in the game, it would be misguided to focus on EHP alone, because there are so many other important factors to consider that this singu
  6. Are you absolutely sure they were lost? I've run into this kind of issue so many times in Warframe, where a host migration kicks me out and shows me an empty reward screen. Eventually I realized that even though the rewards screen was empty, I did in fact still have the items...I just had to manually try to find them in my inventory. Especially with a "mission reward" type items like Mother Tokens, I bet if you remember how many tokens you had before the match started, you will find upon checking them that you actually got your loot. I hope this is the case!
  7. "Why do other games and services do crossovers but warframe won't?" [players post evidence of 3 crossovers] [facepalm] I mean, yeah, you should delete it because you asked "why isn't the sky blue?" and then when others corrected your faulty premise you for some reason decided to get in their face instead.
  8. The title of your topic is not in regards to anything that players can actually help you with. If you genuinely want help from other players, you will have better results in the future if you make your topic title something that is not a question for the dev team that players cannot answer.
  9. My advice to anyone looking to farm a rare drop is this: don't. Hear me out. Warframe is full of rare drops that are like 0.1% to drop from an enemy that only shows up once per mission. Statistically, it will take you forever to get this specific mod, and it will be a grind that numbs your mind and eats at your soul. So what should you do instead? Just play the game. Like I said, Warframe is full of rare drops. Pretty much no matter what you're doing, statistically you'll be getting rare drops, they're just probably not the ones you want. But just as someone out there has a Bul
  10. There is no "right order" to play quests that don't require a specific order. There is no chronological order for these quests. It sounds like you have in some way experienced parts of these quests or read about them, and that something about that is coloring the idea that there must be some "order" to them. But there's not. If you were to go in fresh and unspoiled, playing the quests in any order would work just as well. TL;DR you're thinking way too hard about a problem that doesn't exist, I'd recommend just relaxing and playing the game. :)
  11. Personally, I've never found Loki to be enjoyable to play. I won't deny that there are situations where Decoy and Switch Teleport can be useful, but in your average mission I find them to be far too niche. Radial Disarm is good CC, but if I want CC I can play any number of frames with better CC options. As someone who is invisible, I don't need CC because enemies aren't attacking me, I need ways to kill enemies. That's why I gravitate towards Ash. In my opinion, the only downside of Ash compared to Loki is that Loki's invisibility lasts longer. However, ever since DE implemented the c
  12. Venka Prime works better as a stat-stick due to its higher combo counter if you ever get into frames like Atlas, Khora, Baruuk, etc.
  13. I'm not sure how many EV's it takes for you to take out your average enemy, but if you're just under the limit then Empower might push your EV over the edge. But also that sounds tedious to do for every cast so. Mag's Pull is a good CC ability for 25 energy.
  14. Honestly I think Mag is a fine starter frame; I think the mistake that many veterans make is that they try to overlay Mag's end-game style of play onto the beginning of Warframe. And that sets a new player up for failure. Early game Mag is simple: you use Pull. It's affordable, it's amazing CC, and for a new player it's simply more bang for your buck compared to Shock and Slash Dash. Plus anything that it kills has an increased chance to drop energy, which fuels additional Pulls. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying any of the frames are better than the others in terms of early game.
  15. If you don't want to go outside of the game in order to have the knowledge required to play it, Warframe may not be for you. I am in no way exaggerating when I say that playing Warframe in any kind of vaguely proficient way requires wikis, YouTube videos, and forums. DE's focus tends to be on content and not accessibility. I've been playing this game for years and every single day I find myself in situations where opening up the wiki is the best solution. If you genuinely want to play Warframe, that's a bitter pill you'll have to swallow.
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