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  1. Follow-up: yesterday I noticed that items were marked as 25% off for the next 20-some hours. I put 2 and 2 together and realized that on the previous day, when my game "skipped" the login rewards, I must in fact have received a 25% off coupon. However, it never showed it, and I never clicked to claim it (and enter the game). I hope that specifying that I did actually get a reward, what the reward was, and that it just didn't show the reward login screen helps in solving this rare bug someday! (1069 logins and it's only happened once)
  2. Since I started using the Amalgam mod that gives +25% sprint speed, I can't stop. And since the only Primary Weapons it can't be equipped on are Shotguns, I've pretty much stopped using all proper Shotguns. But I love Shotguns, they used to be some of my favorite weapons! I'm guessing there must be Rifle weapons out there that play like shotguns (ie - a single quick body shot does a ton of damage), but I'm not sure what they are. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. I really like my current Converted Lich, because he's a fun goofball whenever he comes to help me out in missions; really brightens my day. Because of this, I'm hesitant to Convert any other Liches because I'm worried that Favorite Lich would show up either less or not at all. Can anyone with multiple Converted Liches tell me what happens when you have more than one? I know I can trade them, but also if there's nothing special about a Lich (for example, No Ephemera and a lackluster Kuva Seer) I wouldn't feel confident in my ability to give a Lich away... Related question: is there a place where I can view my accumulated Converted Liches without entering the trade interface with another player? I can't find any. Thanks!
  4. I logged in for the first time today a bit after 6pm PST, which is after the daily reset. Every aspect of the login process was normal, except that the part where someone's face pops up and gives me a special present like 5 Neurodes did not happen. At the point where I would have expected it to happen, the game hung for a few seconds like something was being loaded, but then it skipped the login reward segment and went into the game as if it was my second time logging in for the day. I turned my game off and logged in again hoping it would trigger the reward, but it was the same as before for me. In all my time in Warframe, that's never happened before! Not the world's biggest deal, but definitely weird. Other notes: I watched my spouse log into their account today on their console and they received their reward. They're the only other person in our home, and I've confirmed that they didn't use my console.
  5. I was using this in the Sentient Ship against groups of Sentients that were fighting me and the rest of the party. It was awhile back, but I stood near them and unloaded, and did not get feedback that the burst was being used. I believe that in addition to no audio effect, there was no visual effect, and though I don't remember perfectly, I would hazard that I also didn't see any flinching or immunity removal.
  6. Sometimes I will try to use one of my Tactical Avionics, which will not be in cooldown state, and it will not let me. I click it and it makes a dull sound that I recognize as meaning "can't do this". I don't think this always happens, but generally when it's happening one of my other Tactical Avionics will be in a cooldown state. In order, I have Intruder Stasis, Breach Quanta, and Void Cloak (all maxed). Most often I notice this with Void Cloak; I'll try to use it, and Breach Quanta will be in cooldown, and Void Cloak just can't be used. If I'm doing something wrong, let me know, but my understanding is that Tactical Avionics don't have a resource cost, and they don't share a cooldown, right? So if there isn't a timer next to my Tactical Avionic that I want to use, I should always be able to use it?
  7. Yeah Breach Quanta is easily one of the best Tactical Avionics. In addition to just not dying, it keeps your ship benefiting from Last Stand, which is nothing to sneeze at. Not sure why the other Tenno is comparing Tactical Avionics to Battle Avionics; pro-tip: you can have both! These Avionics are not in competition with each other.
  8. The quick answer is that right now you don't start out soloing. Start by joining missions on other Tenno's ships. Railjack is designed to "need" 4 players as well as a well-geared ship, and at the beginning you will not have a well-geared ship. Plus, playing with others will let you learn about all of the Railjack mechanics piece by piece, instead of being overwhelmed by needing to deal with them all at once. But don't let that stop you from giving solo a try. You might be able to pull it off, though it will probably be very very slow until you have end-game ship upgrades.
  9. When playing as Ivara I put a Hush mod on my Shedu so that I could fire it without breaking stealth. While the shots do not break stealth, I have noticed that when the clip is emptied entirely, the Shedu does not do the AoE burst that removes Sentient resistances. I'm guessing this is a bug? To be specific, if I am already not in stealth, then the AoE burst does happen; it only doesn't happen if I'm in stealth with the Hush mod. On the off-chance that this isn't a bug, my next best guess would be that the AoE burst "needs" to make noise, and thus the game is preventing me from doing it because it thinks I would be sad if my stealth broke. Given the choice, though, I'd rather have the ability to use the burst and have it break my stealth temporarily; if I don't want to break stealth, I can intentionally manage my ammo so it doesn't happen. Naturally I'd prefer if the entire thing were just silenced like the Hush mod suggests, but I know there are exceptions to this rule of what aspects of a gun get silenced. But I don't want my silencer mod to remove functionality from my weapon.
  10. I see this pretty regularly, maybe 1 in 5 missions? It wouldn't be a big deal except the strobing makes it uncomfortable to look at.
  11. If you are genuinely curious about what they fixed, the patch notes are here:
  12. Yesterday I did a match-made mission on someone else's ship in the Veil. We did the mission, and after it went to the Dry Dock. I wanted to scrap some of the wreckage I got, but in the past I've had issues doing this at other Tenno's docks after a mission. Normally I choose Leave Dojo, then go to my Dojo from my Orbiter, but last night I realized I could probably save myself some time and did it a different way. In their Dojo, I opened the Navigation menu, then chose my Dojo. It took me there! Worth noting that I had forgotten to exit the squad first, though as soon as I got to my Dojo I left the squad. I went to my Dry Dock and the colors of my Railjack were the colors of the ship I had just been on, but I assumed it was just a visual bug. I fiddled with my ship parts and Avionics, but did not do any aesthetic customization. I turned the game off. This morning I turned on the game. From the Orbiter I went directly aboard my Railjack and then started a mission in the Veil. My Ship was exactly how I'd expect it to be in all ways, except that the name had changed to the name of the ship I had been on in my last mission the previous night. Back in my Dry Dock, I was able to change the name back to my name, but that sure was weird having someone else's name on my ship; I'm glad it wasn't anything that made me look like a jerk!
  13. In Railjack, shields seem to melt, which is unsurprising since they don't benefit from damage resistance. I've been waiting to get a Zetki MK-3 shield with good stats, when I had an idea that might turn my plans on their head... I don't trust that even with a +900 shields they would last long, so alternatively, what if I focus on having a very high regeneration rate and a very low bonus to shields? When a Railjack's shields are fully depleted, it gets 3 seconds of invulnerability, and this ability can't be triggered again until the shields have been maxed out. So with a low total shield value and a high regeneration rate, theoretically it might be possible to use this shield invulnerability more often. Bonus: the Zetki bonus of +25% bonus damage while shields are depleted would apply more often. But in practice, would this work? I'm curious if anyone has tried it, or if there might be a hole in this plan that would make me better off waiting for a more shields than less shields.
  14. I think the video below speaks for itself, but in short: I used the Archwing Slingshot to shoot myself at a Crewship. Before my body arrived at the Crewship, it exploded. When I got to the location where the Crewship had been, the screen transitioned to show me crashing into the Crewship. Then I was inside the Crewship, which was on fire. And a few seconds later, the screen went dark, the UI stopped updating, and none of the buttons did anything (except for the PS4 button, which was able to pull me out to the main menu). I had no choice but turn the entire game off.
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