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  1. Any frame you would always want Power Strength on is a good bet. Any Frame you would always want 2+ of Power Strength, Health, or Armor is an even better bet. I put one on my Nova since she wants at most +45% Power Strength, and +44% is close enough.
  2. Hi Tenno, Now that the Stasis system is dead, I'd like to try to get into a part of Warframe I never have before: Kubrows and Kavats. From reading the wiki, it seems like there's a lot of depth to both the breeding process and the pets themselves. I understand the basic things I need for each: DNA, eggs, and a Power Core. I've had the required Orbiter segments for awhile now, just never really used them because these systems seemed like "a lot". So rather than trying to understand the whole system at this point, I want to just try to ask for advice on how to make my first pet experience a positive one that I don't feel like I messed up. What tips would you have so that I can make my first pet one that is helpful and ripe for end-game Fashion? What mistakes or pitfalls that I won't be able to "undo" should I know about? Thanks for the help!
  3. I think you're misunderstanding how the AoE works in this context. As you said, it is a cone, which means that if you have a flock of Grineer flying south for the winter in a V-formation, you can shoot past all the other Grineer and hit the one leading the flock in the back (which is by no means a difficult task), and then the rest of the flock will get hit by the AoE.
  4. I play her with Arcane Barrier, Arcane Aegis, Redirection, Adaptation, and a Sentinel equipped with Guardian. She's incredibly hard to kill, especially if you put any effort into maintaining Overshields around Toxin damage. I've AFKed in the Simulacrum with 10 Corrupted Heavy Gunners and 10 Corrupted Bombards; I think they were around level 120. I think it took them 10 minutes to finally kill her. She durable as all get out, what a great big good lady.
  5. Can you expand on these? Catchmoon becomes an automatic and Tombfinger gets a big AoE? I'm not even sure what the sun is.
  6. You should probably move this to the feedback section of the forums, we can't really help you with this. I commiserate, though.
  7. Hi Tenno, I've enjoyed the secondary Kitguns, but I'm a bit confused as to why someone might build a Primary one because they all the "same" as the secondary ones. I can think of a few edge-case reasons, but nothing that seems like it would spark wide-spread general interest, which makes me think I might be missing something: Love the Catchmoon so much you want to equip it in two slots. Like two different Kitguns and want to equip both at the same time. Have a secondary you really like so let's put a Kitgun in your Primary slot instead. You want every single gear slot to have a silly goof-goof name. Is there anything I'm missing? I'm wondering if I might not be seeing some important aspect of the new Kitguns...
  8. Use the aura mod Combat Discipline. It makes you lose 10 health every time you get a kill. Note also that if this loss of health is what kills you, your Warframe will not enter a bleed-out state; you will just straight die and need to use one of your revives. I read on the wiki that if you deploy a Specter in a Nightmare mission it will attack you. I never use Specters so I haven't confirmed this, but depending on what you're looking for this would be a way to technically kill yourself.
  9. I was trying Octavia in solo new Corpus tilesets yesterday, and I was experiencing this. It was very weird, because I don't believe there were any Eximi around (these were low-level missions). And this was while Corpus enemies were hitting the Mallet, too. Both on and off the Roller.
  10. It's worth noting that trading Arcanes requires a LOT of credits. I earned some extras during the Scarlet Spear event with the plan on giving them to my spouse, and she was bankrupted before I finished the hand-off. If those are the only two options you're considering, I would say Rivens, but with a caveat: only sell Veiled Rivens. Veiled Rivens are great because they are always in demand and the prices are consistent. Trying to sell any sort of specific Riven requires a ton of tedious work and negotiation, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  11. To be clear: I do NOT need advice about what Warframes or Weapons to use. For the purpose of this post, imagine that enemies die the instant they get within reasonable shooting distance of me. However, for whatever reason, I must be doing something that makes the spawning inefficient, or requires the enemies to travel too much to arrive at my location, because melting my enemies instantly and picking up the pyramids they drop has not been enough. I have the exact same results on the lowest and highest difficulty. Does anyone have a solid understanding of where I should be positioning myself, how much I should be moving around to seek enemies, where I should be looking, etc? There's such a short time in the Granum Void that I've been unable to figure out what I can do to make sure that I don't run out of enemies to kill. I greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions!
  12. Yeah, the biggest issue for me has been finding the enemies. Probably about time I took a break for the day. Mesa has been melting enemies, but they just don't come back fast enough. And since the short amount of time that you have in the Granum Void is pretty frantic, and you can only do it for a short period once per mission, it's difficult to learn the ins-and-outs. Even if you're doing missions that take you 5 minutes total (with loads), you're only getting about 1-2 minutes of disjointed experience per run. Not the end of the world of course, but one of the worst environments in the game when it comes to learning the mechanics of a specific mode.
  13. Each hostage freed in the void adds 20 seconds to the timer.
  14. Update: did another mission, and afterwards I was able to do this. However, notably, before that, I tried restarting my entire PS4, and I was still unable to start the first Sortie.
  15. I just downloaded the Deadlock Protocol update and went online. Noticed the Jackal was the Sortie today and thought this would be the best way to try it. However, my level 30 Ember is unable to start the first Sortie mission, saying that I need to unlock Sau Neptune. However, I do have that node unlocked. In fact, I can queue for Arbitration without any problem. However, when I look at the Neptune map and click on the Sau node, it just starts to queue for the normal mission, showing no options for anything else. Not sure what to do
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