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  1. Like I said, "short of removing RNG altogether", which is what you're suggesting with a system that allows you to choose your weapon.
  2. Most of the time I don't want to fight the Orbs, and it would be super annoying if I had to deal with them in the open world all the time.
  3. I wouldn't put too much stock in the complaints, OP; forums always have a negativity bias. There are a minority of players who for whatever reason don't like things that are either cute or anime or whatever labels they want to put on it, and I'm sure they have their own reasons for it. But it's not worth wracking your brain to try to convince them otherwise.
  4. As has already been mentioned in the thread, there is no solution better than just letting all of the weapons have equal odds of appearing. Some people want duplicates, some want weapons they don't have. Making any change to better fulfill the needs of one group makes it harder for the other, short of just removing RNG altogether.
  5. You ever wonder why the Lotus symbol is all over in the Warframe universe? I do. Like, you go into a Relay, and there are just Lotus symbols on objects. And now it's even in our HTML.
  6. You can find information like this on the wiki. Check on the right side under the picture of the enemy: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Juggernaut The Severed Bile Sac has a 25% chance of being dropped; so you should have it soon enough if you keep trying!
  7. DE designed their Lich system so that not stabbing is a legitimate strategy, ergo there's no reason to punish. If DE thinks this behavior is a problem, they will solve it by adjusting the system. But they've had plenty of time to do that and have not, so I'm going to guess they're perfectly fine with it. I always stab mine, but when others don't it's totally fine. If you genuinely think this is griefing or leeching, your expectations for other people who are playing a video game are way too high.
  8. I would love for this change to be implemented, but if you want DE to hear your prayers, you need to put your prayers where they can find them. Put this in the Feedback section; the devs don't make a habit of reading General Discussion because it's a trash fire.
  9. Since we're getting semantic, it's probably more appropriate to say that he learned them. Individuals can make specific, concrete instances of concepts, but they can't create the concept itself. I can put on my science gear and make some Nitrous Oxide, but I didn't make the concept of Nitrous Oxide, because the concept of Nitrous Oxide has always existed as a byproduct of the physical laws governing our universe.
  10. It will have its place, just give it time. And there will also eventually be at least one additional Requiem, since Oull contains a line of poetry that needs another to rhyme with. :)
  11. I think a mod like this would have to be a Corrupted Mod with some pretty big downsides to make up for turning a single-target weapon into a no-knockback AoE.
  12. It's just random. If you were looking for duplicates so you could power up your existing collection, you'd be having good luck. You're not, so it's bad luck. It's all just random though.
  13. For the visual learners out there like me:
  14. I actually welcomed this! As a vet, I often have a very short to-do list in Warframe. This gave me a reason to go do some nostalgic old-school farms.
  15. Ha, shooting them! Never in a million years would I have thought to try something like that. Thank you very much for the tip, I'll try this! Is it that you have to shoot them directly, or will other types of damaging effects (melee swings, warframe powers, Kuva Bramma explosion AoE's, etc) clear them as well?
  16. Hoping maybe now that it's the weekend some players might have earned and played with these weapons more!
  17. I'm doing more Void Storm missions now to try to get Corrupted Keys, and I figured I should probably check in with other players: is there any strategy to surviving Void Storms beyond just tanking/shield-gating the high amounts of damage that randomly explode at you? I'm getting through the missions, I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to make the experience more chill besides bringing in a heft-tank. Like, is there a realistic way to reliably dodge the random explosions, or something else? I like the high-level enemies but the constant aggression from air molecules is really bringing the experience down for me, so I'm wondering if maybe I'm just not doing something right. Thanks!
  18. I play with a controller, so I don't have any mouse-specific tips, but I will provide you with my technique in as much details as possible: As you leave Fortuna and enter the Orb Vallis, there's a thick pipe on the left (attached to the building you just came out of). Make sure you are boosting (sprint button) so that you can turn easily, then grind your K-drive on the pipe (as you land on the pipe, you should be holding the "grind" button that makes your board be sideways). When you get to the end of the pipe, do a charged jump, then while in the air turn around and start grinding in the direction you came from. Keep repeating this and you can max out the score counter. You can also make it go faster by jumping and doing tricks in the air, just make sure you keep landing on the pipe in the grind stance. If you alternate between two simple tricks, it will build your combo really quickly: on a controller I press R2 then X then R2 then X then R2 then X, etc. Just make sure you aren't doing a trick as you land or you will spill and lose everything; and if you are still trying to grind on the pipe, you need to land on it with your board sideways grinding. Hope this helps! Good luck, Tenno!
  19. I've been doing more Void Storm missions to try to accumulate keys. Mechanically, I haven't been enjoying them very much because it seems like the Void Storm "modifier" to the mission is randomly taking large amounts of damage. But perhaps more important than whether the mission is enjoyable to me (as a subjective individual), I realized that random white explosions don't feel very "Void". I still remember watching the TennoCon trailer when the concept of Void Storms as an in-game thing were first teased: the Void Storm rolled in, and suddenly it was Duviri Paradox. Which isn't to say it has to be Duviri Paradox or anything close to it, but rather that the Void Storm doing something weird is part of what made it make sense as a Void Storm. If the current Void Storms were renamed Electrical Storms or Energy Storms, it would feel like the name fit just as well (if not more) because there doesn't seem to be anything Void Storms do that is very "Void". Which seems like a waste, because the Void is one of the most compelling parts of Warframe. So my feedback would be that the Void Storms should at least not only be dangerous (I leave it to your discretion to decide whether random explosions belong there), but that they should also be weird. Maybe that means that randomly Radiation procs happen like in sorties. Maybe it means randomly any proc happens? For absolutely no reason, you are on fire now, you are frozen now, etc. Maybe colors invert for 10 seconds, maybe audio entirely stops for 10 seconds. There could be other things too, but I want to be conservative with my suggestions since I know developing more significant weird mechanics might require an unrealistic time investment. But hopefully adding something more than explosions would make the Void Storms feel like they earned the "Void" part of their name. My only other critique would be that it would be nice if Void Storms weren't so constant. The idea of a Void Storm having a sort of organic ebb and flow to it would be nice. For example, if the Void Storm existed in specific geometric volumes that slowly moved through the level (even if these volumes occupied 90% of the level), then having small short windows where you could sort of "take a breath" and prepare to push deeper would give a bit more rhythm to the missions instead of them always feeling like you're in the thick of it. An easier development approach might be to have the Void Storms "turn off" randomly for 5-10 seconds so that the intensity can settle for a moment before kicking back in again at full force. Thanks for reading and considering my vibe-based feedback! Have a good one!
  20. I wouldn't say I mind it. Could it be better? Sure. But it's just one flavor of Railjack mission, and there are plenty of others.
  21. Considering Warframe is renowned for its plentiful bugs that go years without being fixed, I don't follow your logic on this one.
  22. I believe that you can do this! As you leave Fortuna and enter the Orb Vallis, there's a thick pipe on the left (attached to the building you just came out of). Make sure you are boosting (sprint button) so that you can turn easily, then grind your K-drive on the pipe. When you get to the end, do a charged jump, then while in the air turn around and start grinding in the direction you came from. Keep repeating this and you can max out the score counter. You can also make it faster by jumping and doing tricks in the air, just make sure you keep landing on the pipe in the grind stance. If you are having trouble completing this, you can also buy mods for the K-drive from the Vent Kids that do things like make your jumps higher and your falls slower, as well as making it easier to grind and increasing your point multipliers. But if you just keep playing around with it you'll get there eventually!
  23. You can certainly make any Warframe more tanky, but naturally every mod you're devoting to tankiness is going to mean fewer mods dedicated to your other functionality. In my opinion there are some frames where it's just not worth it though, because you end up needing to sacrifice too many mod slots for too little tankiness. But it also depends on how you play. Quick Thinking + Flow can give a frame more effective health, but I've stopped using it on most frames because there are so many easy ways to instantly heal health, whereas Energy is more difficult. Beyond that, once your energy is gone, you can't cast abilities, which kind of leaves you stuck. Naturally you can regain it in a variety of ways, but I'd rather just not be in that situation in the first place by choosing alternate means of increasing my tankiness factor. Adaptation and Arcane Guardian tend to work pretty great as easy ways to increase tankiness, and maybe it's not mentioned because it's so obvious but Vitality synergizes with these great. Redirection also works great with Adaptation if you want to build up resistance before the damage starts hitting your health. This might be a nitpick, but Breach is CC, which certainly helps survivability but is a different kind of survival than "tank". So I don't think it applies here if the conversation is really about creating a tank.
  24. This post is right at home in General Discussion.
  25. For Tenet Livia, does the combo counter pause when you are not swinging it? Or do you need to have a gun in your hand? What if you are using a two-handed ability? Hoping to find out before spending hard-earned keys, thanks!
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