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  1. First, I'd recommend not sharing your real name or your age on the forums (or really, most places on the internet). I believe it may even be against the forum rules, but it's good advice in any case. Loki isn't the best frame and he's also not the worst. He's certainly good enough and there are people that swear by him. It's all about whether you like his play style, which is that he lives and dies by his ability to be invisible, which prevents enemies from specifically targeting him with attacks (though he can still take damage from anything aimed at a pet or a teammate). Because of that, I'd recommend mods that increase Ability Efficiency and increase Ability Duration; this way when you cast Invisible, it won't cost much energy and it will last a long time. Here are some links to the Warframe wiki pages on those two stats; if you click the specific mods, their wiki pages will tell you where to get them. Good luck! https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ability_Duration https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ability_Efficiency
  2. This is a good question that I find myself answering on a daily basis. I really have most of what I want in the game, and now I'm just looking for excuses to use them. For me, I like collecting evergreen rewards, like Forma, Catalysts, and Steel Essence. I also like working my way through Nightwave, though I only do the challenges that seem fun to me since at this point I've learned that you don't need to do nearly all of them to finish by the end of a season. Sometimes I'll do the daily Sortie if it looks fun. Sometimes I'll open relics. But more than anything, it's probably best to really measure whether you want to play Warframe right now. I tend to only play a little bit everyday, unless something specifically draws me in. Take a step back and ask yourself: "What do I want to do right now?" And if the answer isn't "I want to do a mission in Warframe", do something else. Play another game, or do something that's not a game at all. It's all about balance and making sure you're not just playing because it's a habit, but because you actually enjoy it.
  3. These worries seem to be largely based on some very large assumptions. Maybe just stop thinking about the New War and play it when it arrives.
  4. You might want to re-read what you quoted, it is not a defense of anything.
  5. If I recall the actual issue mentioned was that Great Swords don't use sheaths in Warframe, so it just couldn't be used. Adding a sheath would require additional systems to make it work at all, let alone with an acceptable level of fidelity.
  6. I don't see the point. This seems like a minor aesthetic change with no gameplay functionality, something that would take DE quite a lot of work for almost negligible results. Which isn't to say that it doesn't sound neat, but the juice just royally isn't worth the squeeze here.
  7. Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead are two totally different abilities that have nothing to do with each other. This feels like saying that Iron Skin and Roar should be the same ability. In regards to "other loot abilities have other functionality as well", every other loot ability requires an Augment mod to work; the base ability doesn't do anything loot-related. With the exception of Ivara, who slowly loots one enemy at a time manually, as opposed to covering a massive area like Nekros. I'm gonna say no to this. Nekros still has the most powerful and accessible looting ability in the game, and in no way needs a buff.
  8. Since you're paraphrasing I can only base this off what you said and not the exact wording DE used, but from what you wrote here it doesn't sound like your second sentence logically follows your first. If it's only older frames that would need to change, then every new frame that gets added wouldn't need to change, which means that the odds aren't decreasing. Presumably this is because when new frames are designed they are being proactive about considering this material issue.
  9. I think it's funny how several replies are so upset about the wings that are already in the game that they aren't even able to engage with this new idea for different wings that OP is proposing. Anyway, to the issue at hand: Personally, I don't think these new wings sound like an ephemera; the metal makes them seem more physical, which seems more appropriate in the Syndanna slot. The current ephemera wings aren't physical, so they vibe as an ephemera. If it was something with an Orokin make and aesthetic, physicality seems like a necessity and thus I'd suggest the Syndanna slot, which is where the other physical wings go. But yeah, anything that's Prime tends to end up being pretty cool, so this could be a cool one. If something like this ever gets made. I wouldn't hold your breath, though, especially since the Eros wings are still very new by DE standards and probably aren't about to be replaced by a Prime version anytime soon.
  10. Hi there, I've been using the Tenet Envoy as my primary weapon since close to the beginning of the Sisters of Parvos update. Since the Plague Star event update, it seems like when I'm using ADS to get the laser pointer to guide the missile, the missiles moves slower than it did before; it seems like it might be moving at roughly half the speed? I checked the patch notes and didn't see any mention of changes like this to the Envoy, so I'm wondering if it might be a bug, or perhaps something related to a physics change or something? Just to get out ahead of this, I know that when not using ADS the missile moves faster. However, I almost never fire the missile without ADS (unless I'm aiming at my feet to clear the immediate area), so I don't believe I'm comparing the missile speed to the non-ADS mode. It seems like when I'm guiding my missile with the laser, it takes longer to get to the target than it used to, and I'm just sitting there and waiting; it didn't feel like that before. I also don't use flight-speed increasing mods on this weapon, and my mod setup hasn't changed at all. I mostly play in non-open world areas, and that's where I've been testing this. It feels different to me. I have no hard proof that it actually is different, as I didn't take any videos before the patch, just my feelings. So it's entirely possible that I'm wrong and it's just a perception thing? But I don't think it is (otherwise I wouldn't have written this up). Thanks for looking into this!
  11. I honestly feel like farming for Primes is super chill, as long as your definition of "reasonable" is reasonable. Because honestly, you don't even have to put in any work to get Primes. No matter what content you are doing, you're going to be getting relics and you're going to be accumulating Syndicate currency, which can be converted into even more relics. The relics just come to you. And then if a new Prime comes out and you still haven't gotten an older prime you wanted, guess what? The amount of relics that have the Prime you want just doubled, so you're getting twice as much of them. The longer it takes, the easier it gets.
  12. Welcome back! If I were you I would just use the Quests in the Codex to provide you with direction, as it sounds like you've got a great deal of content you haven't done. No need to rush, as there's quite a lot of it! Take your time, do a Quest every now and then to slowly unlock more story and features, and above all: enjoy!
  13. I prioritize aesthetics, though sometimes I compromise for functionality. For example, Rhino is super ding-dang good and very fun to play, but when I look at Rhino, I just don't feel "that's me" or "that's who I want to be", so most of the time I don't gravitate towards Rhino. Conversely, I absolutely love Xaku's aesthetics, even though I don't tend to use much of their kit except for The Vast Untime. But if I'm feeling like playing a frame that's a bit more active with their abilities, I'll switch to a different frame.
  14. I like the new screen so much better and find it way easier to navigate and use. Plus it just makes sense to have it look like mods because that's what it is; having an entirely different layout for the exact same system just makes the game needlessly complicated. Plus the mods in the Plexus do look a bit more shiny, so I think it stands out enough.
  15. Such is the world of web design. Honestly given all of the different devices and resolutions and settings and OS's that any given web site needs to display on, I'm amazed that anything works even 25% as well as it does.
  16. You should definitely check out AbleGamers; they are a non-profit organization whose entire goal is to be a resource so that disabled folks can play games. This page on their website seems to be a great place to start, as it will guide you towards the specific tools and accommodations that are needed for the specific disability you're working with: https://ablegamers.freshdesk.com/support/home I've heard nothing but great things about these folks, hope they can help!
  17. I kind of agree with this post but I think it's backwards. Sinister Reach and Ruinous Extension should not be Exilus mods, as they are increasing damage, in a very similar way to Firestorm and Fulmination. Instead of making the problem worse by making Firestorm and Fulmination Exilus mods, let's correct the core issue and remove Exilus status from Sinister Reach and Ruinous Extension.
  18. I would recommend posting this in the Feedback section if you want the developers to see it. They have already implemented a good deal of accessibility options, and I'm guessing that if they were aware of this problem (and haven't already implemented a solution for it, I haven't checked) they would be amenable on working towards a solution.
  19. I think it's pretty funny that A and B are "humans are stupid and careless" and then the big reveal at C is "oh and actually the Smeeta is just actually better, it's a very good choice", which entirely negates A and B. Regardless, this seems like a sufficiently incomplete (not to mention biased) analysis of the pet meta. You didn't even mention Vulpaphylas, and there's no way to discuss pets without analyzing their place in the meta.
  20. I like seeing a Trinity, it usually means I can stop focusing on my own survival and energy pool entirely and 100% focus on being a destruction baby, which is always a good time. The world needs more Trinitys.
  21. You seem to have mistaken yourself for everyone. I recommend using more "I" statements when your are describing how you personally feel about content, I guarantee you will come across as more honest and thus more convincing.
  22. From what I can see, the one in the back seems to be floating in the air; look at the difference in where their feet are placed, and the difference in where there heads are. It matches up.
  23. You found two players playing as the same frame standing near each other.
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