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  1. gratuit background: gratuit is void/physics frame based on the folding of time and space, she can take points in the world and manipulate them to her will over time, she is a mix of support and defensive allowing her to be used solo or as part of a large team to back up tanks or DPS. Passive: cocoon when holding position around an objective or team mates she develops a small buff over time to her damage and Armour that extends to the those in her radius and stacks with each gratuit Ability 1: splinter (5s): create a trap that draws in hostiles and builds damage, when the timer ends or 1 is pressed again the strap detonates sending void shards shooting out that attract other targets, (a syndicate mod could be the smaller shards turn into mini traps themselves but with smaller a effect) Ability 2: void wave (10s), create a wall of time in front of gratuit that catches and absorbs incoming fire and effects, and then can be shot out in a wave, tapping 2 send it out in a small but focused wave, holding 2 charges it to fire over a wide area but reduces its damage. Ability 3: fractured (toggle): gratuit folds space and time around her building a Armour that attracts and absorbs damage like magnet and attracts hostiles focus to her, while taking damage it buffs her speed, Armour and shields, while in this mode she can only use here melee attack, this can be used to get the focus of teammates when in need and rewards fast movement and close combat by playing into the risk reward factor. Ability 4: folding chaos (8s) gratuit drains all current energy and shields to build an unstable tear in space and time that causes chaos around her ar random, depending on ability range and damage folding chaos will care mini singularities around it dragging in and ripping apart enemies and sending out small team buffs, in this mode gratuit cannot move and is pinned in place, the singularities spawn at random and are luck based. lore: gratuit was built after limbo vanished using what was left of his notes, her purpose was to make a frame that could harness the voids power and for it into other frames to increase their power but an error occurred and the frame tore itself apart each test, the final result was a frame that while it can harness the void like limbo it is far more chaotic and brutal, while limbo can tame the void and manipulate it to his will, gratuit beats it into submission, the frame is unstable, always on the edge of ripping itself apart, to sum up gratui in a phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely"
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