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  1. pls remove or change the "with friends or clanmates" from the challenges. i know you guys want to make people join clans but forcing its just seems wrong.
  2. ...still waiting on limbo deluxe, will it be this year?
  3. Look, its Christmas and you guys at DE know that have extra money to spend on us as well as in other people. I am sure that there will be people that will by the accessories regardless of what other people think of them, but there are those of us who will not get them if they don't see value. So i would suggest you guys at DE to add something that people might find value in like a syandana or a ship skin(we haven have one of those in like 2 years). if it takes time, fine, but this accessories pack needs to have something else in it for people to spend money in it...
  4. can we please use the teng dagger skin to the double daggers... i was hoping to use them on my fang prime.
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