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  1. I could say also many names but there are too many people who contribute a lot on forums and I miss it. I could say GnarlsDarkley is a helpful person, robotwars7 also seems a nice person. DeMonkey seems intelligent and fun person, stormy77 but I can say EthernalDrkMako because he brings a lot of info, he is active on fan fiction parts and he brings also a lot of devstream overview so we stay informed <3.
  2. I am from Hungary but I can log in and play.
  3. They are aware of this issue but this exists from the start. They simply made a game which is repetitive, means a lot of grind and also make the illusion you are powerful and can save the whole system. Making a difficult or more challenging game is not an easy task and if they need to sacrifice the core elements then they won't touch it. Broken hard enemies and impossible bulletsponge enemies not needed but they cannot really decide what will be the basis of the challenge. The solar system is their basis to set the difficulity and the majority of the players enjoying this, those whom got everything and has the best gears may feel the game too easy but because their levels are not challenging enough. Nerfing things would not be an ideal option because that means you nerf the early game and the players, whom stay in the starchart and not going beyond it. Any attempt to make the game more interesting was to add pvp what the majority of the playerbase just hates but otherwise noone wish to see their toys nerfed. They cannot make challenging content without restrict the majority of playerbase and let's say : " we make for you a special challenge / level, where you and the elites can challenge your skills ". This sounds maybe interesting for those whom has everything in the game, but it makes a gap between players and then the forums will be filled with such threads. Also the playerbase as a whole is full of groups and there are major groups whom wants challenge, others content with the game, anothers want more power etc. I personally feel the game is enough challenging on the starchart too if you have not opened a certain amount of content or just plays with weaker gear. The fun and challenge is subjective to everyone and no player will think the exact same. I would like to have a bit more difficulity or a harder content designed to advanced players or more fun puzzles or secrets to explore. A simple environment hazard or random events applied to the game would be. I do not remember when Lotus said in my mission : ignore your original plan, kill all the enemies. These could be challenging if they wish to make them more challenging but then a large portion of the players will leave, probably who brings the money.
  4. I am just 20 yet and most of my friends who plays this game is around the same age range 18-30 but once I played with a guy who was around his 60-70's. Gaming is not a small group anymore like in the 60-70-80's.
  5. Not sure where I read that maybe in a thread with another frame rework idea or just on discord. Those whom mentionned excal wish their javellins to be removed or merged and give him a new ability. Anothers wish to give him some more armor or changing his passive. Cannot link sources because I am just surf on forums and my bad habit is not to save the links.
  6. Some peoples mentionned in other topics Hydroid, Titania, Banshee, Trinity, Loki, Excallibur, Inaros, Frost, Nyx, Chroma. I personally cannot mention so much because I still not have a full arsenal and need to playtest these frames a lot more. Almost every frame could be on the rework list which kits out to date or not scaling with the levels or just clunky to use. None of the aboves are urgent because these frames seemed to me functional but with the game evolving these frames needs refresh or small tweaks.
  7. The said prime versions would be nice but a promise made to the founders so the rest of the playerbase can only dream to have these items. Bad decision but they made it, better to skip. Variants other than prime can be possible but firstly the aklato itself needs some fine tunes. I personally wish a better reload speed because that reload speed is nonsense on a weak weapon. If you consider the lato in one hand is 1 second or less but the dual variant is 2,4 second which is bad. The lato and aklato with multishot and damage / elemental combos could be a reliable weapon so not that garbage what you say but it is indeed these items meant to be beginner level. I can however imagine some crit or status buff on these beyond the reload speed. I personally want more similar weapon for beginners. The current weapon pallette is relatively low for the 1-5 mr players and similar weapons like braton and aklato or skana are way far from them and could have seen more weapons. I still miss spears, maces, one handed hammer or sickle. There is still a lot of unused ideas there only the time could tell if these will be one day contents or remain concepts.
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