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  1. Despite the Limbo can stop the time+enemies and sometimes block the objectives I do not hate them and not leaving missions if a Limbo there even if the another 3 player is Limbo. There is some benefit to having Limbo in the squad but if you have a solid plan and the mission is differ from what you wanted then it is fine to not be too happy but it is still not a tragedy. Limbos playing more or less in the public endless missions where they can level themselves or just testing their limits. On non endless missions very rare the chance to find a Limbo and even smaller if you consider new frames a
  2. We can go for mr 100 if they have tons of ideas to introduce new warframes and weapons and other stuffs what gives you mastery. The mr 30 just will be one of the mastery levels but not the last one because they wish to continue to develop the game and not stopping it.
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