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  1. So still not giving us back manual block. DE has been getting progressively worse when listening to and acting on feedback. Also nice to see that Nightwave still has the Forma task, really love that it was left in, very cool (Should have been removed as part of the improvements to Nightwave).
  2. Please give us manual block back. You even added in an amalgam mod that would work better if we had manual block.
  3. Can we get the manual block back for at least Shield and Sword weapons because without it some of their mods are useless and the special bonus is wasted? Also, this doesn't fix the issues with Arbitration being boring, unrewarding and an overall lazy attempt at end game. DE you are refusing to listen to actual criticism that will improve the game and instead only listen to positive "pat on the back" type comments from people that are unable to understand why something like Arbitration is so bad. I have been playing for a long time and there has been a decline in you listening to players.
  4. Can we please just get back the ability to choose to block in melee at least for sword and board weapons.
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