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  1. Report bug in the bug report section. If you have a screenshot of the game at that time especially the reward section send it to the zendesk. Warframe screenshot has embedded code that’ll help de team to get your stuff back if you lost em due to bug... which, according to my experience, they will.
  2. If i’m mot mistaken the trick to get discount reward is to stop playing for a few weeks.
  3. ^ this... if it ever gonna come out..... The space mom and space bio-electronic virulent existence, if you include cataclysm, before warframe....
  4. an elven ranger with velvet blue apparel, partial plate armor, and bronze straps... :D as for energy, i found that orange and blue go well together in my eyes... maybe because they contrast one another.
  5. Might wanna remove the megathread tag
  6. i think i was stuck in a "caught a fish" animation that didn't start or end correctly.... i couldn't redo the bug... yet. and i'm not entirely sure what started the bug. so i was gonna take it slow today and went fishing with ivara in deimos while watching youtube... everything was fine till all of the sudden my warframe got stuck.. not in a hole on a map. just in a normal location.. WASD didn't work, gear wheel didn't work, left mouse button (throwing the spear) didn't work, melee didn't work, unstuck command work but i still couldn't move... funnily enough i can still look
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