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  1. My country has around 15 national holidays and around 100 observance days some of which are more significant than others.... imagine if DE have to celebrate each of every important days of all countries around the world. there’ll be special events every days. However imagine if a clan has a way to make an clan event that celebrate/commemorate the days that are important to their members...
  2. What this guy said. Go to that link. Search the thing you’re looking for then open the statistic page to figure out prices. price checking in regional is the thing that get you ban... i think. Just wait a few days the ban will be lifted
  3. off topic subforum.... feedback subforum... there must be a different right?
  4. As mention above they’re sand stingray... i’m still wating for a desert theme open area in mars with landshark jumping out of the sand at random moment dragging players around
  5. Finally bought stellaris’ “ancient relics” dlc during the year end sales.. so i’ve been playing that for the last few weeks. And in between i somehow replayed “death to the outsider” and “dishonored 2”... i dunno why. maybe its the holiday.
  6. Mom pulled the moon into the void. And there it lies for centuries without maintenance. i’m guessing those actions have something to do with it
  7. Ah i see. I got some rivens but never really care about the disposition effect. Thanks for explanation
  8. I’m confused. Why do people compare riven dispo of normal vs prime varian of the same weapon? I thought we can put the normal weapon riven into the prime weapon. Or does putting the riven in the other version of weapon with different dispo change the stat of the riven?
  9. I still get melee stealth kill affinity bonuses. But i did noticed that primary and secondary stealth kill doesn’t come out. It seems to be a bug.
  10. My heart and pocket are ready for The “thicc” ivara prime and deluxe skin. Especially the deluxe skin.. gimme That tower crossbowman ivara skin
  11. I hate nekros main @HamletSandwich there is nothing wrong with the test. There is nothing to fix. I’m sorry to say this but the test is there to simply test how well can you plan your move while being discrete, you’re just not good enough yet. If you keep failing then perhaps you need some times to assess what you’ve done wrong. And the best part of these MR test is that you can do multiple tryouts first before the real test. Just go to simaris. Also you can still continue playing the game and level up wepons and frames without doing the MR test. The third phase is not impossible at all. I’ve done this test with an excal and a dagger (the mobs are level 1). keep in mind that, just like a ninja, height gives you advantage.. but its not the high that matters but the Elevation angle. and don’t necro a thread please. If you need help, there’s a player helping player subforum
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