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  1. Anyone exited for it?? Or do you think it’ll be a predictable plot where mysterio is deceiving everyone about himself.. I myself think he is not lying about being from another universe but is pretending to be the good guy. And the spiderman noir is a spiderman that comes from that other universe chasing after him. And the real reason why fury call for him specifically is because he notice that other spiderman.. oh and this way peter can convince mj that he is not the spiderman.. though i think she’ll find out in the end anyway..
  2. Heres a suggestion... browse the forums. learn what each subforum is for. Read some of the existing posts.
  3. I’ve been using normal excal with close to zero fashionframe put in almost everytime i did sortie with pub.. found no one that care enough that send insult on me so far.... is it possible that they’re looking down at how you play rather than the frame you’re using?
  4. Put them to sleep... we got lots of frames now that can do that
  5. It’ll be cool if the plane of duviri is a hidden ecumenopolis planet where building a tenno hub on the ground is the event.. and only when the hub is finished we can explore the giant city. So instead of having wilderness as an open space we got cyperpunk-ish city of the old war refugee with markets, buildings, and city spaces filled with both enemies and neutral npcs that can be explore.
  6. Yo warframe is so fat, it stuck in extraction animation
  7. My Baruuk with his man bun plus bunny ears makes it look like theres a bunny on his head
  8. If you have warframe app, you can also build them via the app while not playing the game
  9. If a unicorn eat rainbow does that mean its fart be glitter?
  10. I’m pretty sure you have to wait for tennocon to get them..
  11. Its a system to prevent the possibilities that accounts are used simply for farming and selling stuff. imagine if they let players to trade stuff above their MR. there will be a sweatshop somewhere filled with people whose sole purpuse is to farm and trade
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