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  1. Well that take a turn i didn’t expect
  2. they‘re hyped to these “new thing” despite its being old... its offtopic time let set the background of the story a bit. I’m a teacher. And sometimes students like to share their interest with me. and as a teacher, sometimes i’m interested to know what’s “hype” lately. so here’re some of the things that happen lately: a student start a conversation with me about this “new thing” that have been the talk of “many” Lately. It was PM2.5 and PM10 levels of the city. So he bring out his mac and showed me a site with the scale and stuff and tell me that they “just started” showing this near a road. To which i casually reply with: “actually the electronic billboards showing those data have been around since i can remember, especially near an industrial area and major highway”, and, i guess my teacher instinct kicks in, ask him “what do you think that scale means?” His reply was interesting. he went defensive, telling me that those billboard are new, he never see it before. Also he said its a scale that show the CO2 level, and according to this, the CO2 level of our city is very bad. ( he probably never seen it before, its not that high, and also not CO2, though there is a correlation...) And so i start explaining what PM2.5 and 10 are and why they’ve been the talk as of late, i.e. the forrest fire that occur in many regions Lately, shows him the government meteorological and climatological site with no add that actually provide a better explanations of what it is and so on. thankfully he receive my explanation well.. unlike the next one: a student start a conversation with a teacher that sits right next to me, he was asking about something. So i ask what is it the he was so exited about. So he start talking about this “new thing” on the neighboring country, a waste-to-energy power plant and how the smoke is filtered and how it became ”the” solution to waste and so on and so on. he was very exited because he said that one day he’ll be bringing this “new thing” to this country. and just like the previous one, shows me a youtube clip about it.. to which i casually replied: “oh that. The city i went to college to, built one of those long time ago. and also thats just one of a solution for waste, not “the” solution” he didn’t believe me so i showed him an old article talking about it. The article also mention that the country has a few of these already operational. (The article is old, focusing on the newly operational PP at that time. The number of waste-to-energy powerplant in this country, of many types, has increase since then). suddenly he became very defensive about it. “What about the filtered chimney, i bet thats new right” to which my reply was “thats actually an industrial standard everywhere since long time ago.” I did notice that he was feeling down at that moment but i didn’t know whats got in to me as i said: “hey its a big country you can still add more”.... he was so down in the end as he went home. i sometimes wonder whether i’m a good teacher or not. Hey... they need something to bring them back to earth... right?
  3. It seems like the nightwave rewards are exclusive items. However, just like how we can buy wolf beacon to farm for his drop, the zealots drop might also be obtain in the future seasons. So there are something that are exclusive and something that are not..
  4. novalery

    Cetus Wisp Farm

    I’m pretty sure you can get more.
  5. I notice this also last night when doing an extermination... i was already at the extraction area but then i realize that i’m not in the zone (players still waiting for me warning comes out). then i side stepped a bit and suddenly inside the zone. Maybe they change the extraction zone size in the last patch
  6. Only have time for one of them..... me *staring at my steam list filled with games that are considered as a time consuming game*: indeed.... i gotta go to work now.
  7. - Having extra slot for mod that counter negative stat on my riven without sacrificing a mod slot - to finally have that silent build specially to compliment my invisible ivara without sacrificing a mod slot - need some extra forma though to fit all of those mods while still maintaining the same build i have now, though it seems that forma is no longer a problem, for me at least. I see both potential and concern on it... but i dunno my real feeling till i use it. I do have some exilus spares lying around
  8. Yeah i did notice players that have such issue and have experience it myself several time times since long ago. But the ones i mention felt different. well since no confirmation so far, i guess it is just my timing then. shouldn’t play too late at night.
  9. nope. not specter. yup i can see the name clearly. i also notice the perfectly periodical repeated motions/ability use and the lack of reaction to their surrounding. i dunno about posting video... i feel like that'll fall under the no shaming forum law.. i just wanna ask if everyone else notice it.. or is it perhaps due to my region in combination with the time i've been playing this game lately that i've met them more often. i do have been playing the game not in normal game time lately..
  10. anyone notice an increasing number of auto bot users for the past few days? i understand that they exist since long ago. and yes i've met several before, but lately i've been bumping into them a lot more often than usual in different missions. not just endless missions too.. i just bump into a volt one in a mobile defense mission. before that a wukong in a grineer reactor defense, before that an excal that is more interested in fighting a glass wall in uranus defense, and before that, if i'm not mistaken, another volt.. all of this occur within the last 2 or 3 days.
  11. Cross over event might be hard to do.. but what if a crossover comics...
  12. This. However isn’t oceania and asia server are 1 of the same?
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