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  1. i swear, nerfs in this game, which is pve focused btw, is worse than those pvp games out there like csgo, league, etc. This should never, and i mean never be the case...... No point in having a kitgun riven
  2. such an awesome event, rewards are the best too. Sigil = fashion frame, and fashion frame = end game, therefore it's best reward. Am i right warframe community?
  3. it actually has the best, they are just using the worse color scheme for default...... like the worse scheme
  4. Wukong nerf? Well that was unexpected
  5. What are rivens?? Rivens are mods you should not invest a even one single plat on. This is being said by a player who used to spend thousands upon thousands of plat on some, but more importantly hundreds of hours of time on maximizing riven stats. Why not spend 1 plat? Because riven "changes", moreso nerfs. These so called balance changes are really corrupting a system that was already corrupted of itself. Nerfing based on popularity will never end well and past riven changes proved just that. Cough, imagine nerfing a single viper lmfao, proves another point i have, which is consistency. These changed have none of that really, exceptions being with "op" weapons of course, but tell me, who the S#&$ even uses single vipers, let alone even having rivens for it. DE says they base changes off popularity, yet this counteracts that idea, they also said they base it on internal performance, power in other words. In what world would a single viper resemble power??? Boom, nerf handed to single viper, such a remarkable display of iq and logic. the burnout was already sickening before the balancing, now, to have the thought that not only the rng system can #*!% you up, but nerfs in a couple months can also result in completely wasting your time is pathetic.... What makes matters crazier is that they are going against their true values, which is focusing on what the players want. I love this game with an absolute passion, but this is the one issue that Im afraid can lead to its downfall, or at least to the downfall of a portion of the community who are really devoted to the game, who have such the unbelievable grit to invest their hard efforts and time towards an uncontrollable rng system. This is not just hours upon hours players can potentially lose, but to some cases i've heard, real money.... plz DE
  6. wisp nerf is bs. Wtf is going on there DE?? Not like her 4 was trash anyways
  7. I'm not too fond of riven dispo changes. Some people spend thousands of plat into rivens only to get nerfed. They should let the people who already bought the riven keep the stats, but have the nerfed stats only apply to the rivens that are just unveiled after the riven dispo changes. Cause i feel like that would remove the outrage from people that love rivens... and trade chat ofc, and it's a lot more fair that way to those that do invest towards them, with real money or not.
  8. thanks so much! Increased my fps to 30-34 with lowest res scale. hiago is still better by far but i'll take this i guess.
  9. WHYYYYYYY???? The only reason 😕i could play warframe in the first place is because of hiago boost. It boosted my fps from 13-17 to 40+ on my potato..... The problem is that it only runs with direct x 9 32 bit ffs. Unless there's another good fps booster out there that works with direct x 10 64bit??? But anyways... Good bye thousand hours of warframe...... All gone from one change 😕
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